Cost To Hire Mobile App Developer in 2021 — (Latest Updated)

Sophia Martin
Jun 9, 2020 · 9 min read

Last Updated — April 5, 2021

In the wake of digitization, majorly startups and tech giants have come to the conclusion that their business needs a mobile application. But keep in mind that every app development idea is linked with the numerous expectations right from marketing, business growth and better prospects.

Bill Gates says “ if your business isn’t online, your business will not survive”. And this statement is 100% true, no matter whether you are planning to start up a business in Dubai, Middle East, USA, Europe or other!

Let’s understand why mobile apps or digital presence of the brand have become so important for all businesses with some stats and facts…

  • The forecast from Statista, reveals that there are approx 3.5 million smartphone users in 2020 which is expected to reach 3.8 million in 2021.
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According to the survey report, users spent 90% of their mobile time on mobile applications.

  • As per the reports of Buildfire, 21% of the users open an app 50+ times per day whereas 49% of people used to open an app 11+ times each day.
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The forecast from TheManifest has revealed that social media apps ranked first among respondents and considered as one of the most frequently used apps.

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Businesses from all across the world are offering a diverse range of products and services. But, if we consider above-stated statistics and facts about mobile application usage and downloads, then it is clear to understand that many business have realized the importance of having mobile applications for their business. The well-designed mobile application can give the unique ability to the business to stay connected with the users.

However, 42% of small businesses currently have a mobile app and 30% of businesses are still planning to build an app in the future.

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How much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer?

  • Chosen Mobile Platform: Native, Cross-Platform or Hybrid
  • App Project Complexity
  • Location of the App Developer
  • Expertise and Experience
  • Type of App Development

How to hire the best mobile app development company?

  • Know Your Project Needs
  • Check Experience and Developer’s Portfolio
  • Decide Between Freelancer or Offshore Development Company
  • Where to Find The Best App Developers
  • Check Team Size
  • History and Reviews of the Company

What is the overall estimated cost to develop an enterprise-level mobile application?

Well, there is no simple answer to these questions as there are a number of things contributing to the cost to hire mobile app developer and the app development cost.

Let’s dig deep and find the answer to these questions in detail.

1. How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Mobile App Developer?

When it comes to hiring the mobile app developer, there are two major things that matters including what is your project’s budget and how much they charge you. No matter whether you want to develop from scratch or need to upgrade the existing one with the latest features, you need a pro mobile app developer with the appropriate skills and knowledge to complete the particular project with perfection. Now let’s resume our question “ how much does it cost to hire a mobile app developer?”

Here are the factors that can affect the cost to hire a mobile app developer:

- Chosen Mobile App Development Platform: Native, Hybrid or Cross-Platform

For which platform you are looking to develop a mobile app Android, iOS, Windows, Cross-Platform, or Hybrid? The cost to hire app developers can be varied according to the operating platform you choose to launch your app. Let me explain to you how:

Firstly, If you are trying to introduce a native app whether it will be on iOS or Android Platform, you need to hire app developer that can generate a codebase for a specific mobile platform. Developing a native app for multiple platforms will add up development time and cost to the budget.

In case, if you are looking for a business app targeting multiple platforms, then it is worth choosing from Hybrid or cross-platform application. It will be a cheaper and time-consuming option as with a single codebase you can develop an app that can run on multiple platforms.

As per the survey report, here are the average price of hiring Android/ iOS developer:

Image source

- Hire Mobile App Developers As Per Experience

When it comes to developing a mobile app, there will be a choice of multiple technologies, frameworks and programming languages that help you build an application. However, the success of any app depends on how developers will access the techniques to customize the look and feel of the application.

Different types of app developers handle different sets of responsibilities and their hiring cost varies accordingly.

Let’s discuss a few major below in a table:

- Hire an App Developer Based on Location

Did you know that the cost of hiring the app developers greatly varies according to the location you choose to hire? While you are hiring the mobile app developer, the geolocation of the app developer plays an important role. And, according to the Buildfire and other survey reports, we have come to the conclusion that India, UK, Australia, Singapore, Ukraine, Russia are the most common yet cheapest places to hire app developers from all across the world.

Secondly, keep in mind that the calculation of mobile app developer will be based on weekly or monthly basis as per the agreement of the mobile app development company you choose to hire. Usually, they work for 5 days or 40 hours a week to 160 hours a month.

Rest the price model of the app developer is depending upon the per hour cost of the developer and the location you choose to hire a mobile app developer.

- App Development Complexity

The mobile app development project can take anywhere from one week to five months and more to complete the project depending upon your app development idea, design, integrations, features, and functionality of the app. Determining your mobile app requirement will help you understand the development phases, technologies, methodologies, and what amount of time it will take to finish the project.

Explaining the simple, clear, and basic version needs the developer that will take a lower rate and shorter time to develop the app. In case, if you are upgrading the existing app with the newer version or implementing the latest codes like Swift to Swift 3 or migrating Android app to Kotlin, then you definitely look for the pro app development company.

- Type of Mobile App Development

The cost of the app developer can greatly fluctuate when you are looking forward to hiring an iOS App developer for a specific type of application. Here are the major types of applications dominating the industry and businesses that are being considered in 2021.

Image Source

Before you decide whether these prices are too high or low to hire an app developer for specific app development, you should consider the below table to determine the details of each app type. However, there is one thing that is surely highlighted in the below-given table that Android app developers are costlier to hire than iOS app developers as there are a number of things to be covered while developing an app for Android platform whereas iOS platform is far more clear, polished and advanced than other platforms.

But, the development process and app testing can be a great deal of time, so choose accordingly.

2. How to hire the best mobile app development company?

When you are looking to develop mobile applications Android or iOS, it is worth hiring an offshore mobile app developer. However, with millions of developers available all across the world, finding the best service provider is not an easy task.

These are the easy simple tips that anyone can follow to finding the best software development company:

Know Your Project Needs

Check Experience and Developer’s Portfolio

Decide Between Freelancer or Offshore Development Company

Where to Find The Best App Developers

Check Team Size

History and Reviews of the Company

Apart from these tips, it is advised to dig deep in the company’s profile, to determine what kind of projects they handle and their past work history to understand the skills and expertise they have.

Secondly, the most important thing in any app is its UX/UI design which keeps your users engaged longer and makes you win half of the battle. So make sure you hire a team that has expertise in designing excellent applications with great UX/UI design.

Above all, observe the communication process during the development process. If there is any difference in time zones, then discuss the availability of the team. Also, what communication channels they will use for communication — Skype, Phone, Gmail, Chat, etc.

What will be the specific hours to speak with the engineers and how frequently the team will update the project progress reports?

Last but not the least, ask about the fees and payment procedures. Are they signing any NDA form to keep the app idea secure? Disclose their fees and payment terms in advance, to avoid bearing the burden of hidden fees, overtimes or any additional charges. To avoid seeing an unnecessary surprise in the development cost, you should clear in advance that the app will be bug-free and thoroughly checked before delivery.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

Undoubtedly, the development cost of the app is one of the most common yet pressing questions for the starters and enterprises, but there is no online calculator that can reveal the exact cost of the app development. However, a realistic way to determine how much an app costs you in reality, is to look at the ideal mobile applications in the world.

Find the app that closely resembles your goal, understands its features, functionality, complexity, business model, tech stack and other things to determine the estimated cost to develop a similar app. Otherwise, the most reliable and straightforward way to estimate the cost is to calculate “Features x Development Time x Hourly Rate of the Developer = Final Cost”.

The average cost of hiring app developers is different in various regions (mentioned above) but keep in mind that the per hour cost of the developer is depending upon the experience and skill level of the developers.

Generally, the app development cost is starting from $5,000 to $20,000 with basic functionalities and the cost can go to any expensive price depending upon the features and functionalities you choose to integrate into the app.


Hiring the mobile app developer is never a challenging task if you know what exactly you are expecting from the developer, your project budget and what skills you need to turn your app idea into reality. However, sometimes, with the availability of thousands of millions of software development companies all across the globe, choosing the right service provider becomes so complicated and a never -wrecking task especially for starters.

But, don’t worry, we have tried covering detailed parameters that help you determine what to keep in mind while looking for app developers, how much it approximately costs you to hire mobile app developers and what factors can affect your app development cost.

Hopefully you will get an answer to your most pressing questions through this post. Still, if you are stuck at any phase of app development, you can consult experts right away.

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