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How To Ensure Excellent Quality in Mobile App Development

Do you also believe in this fact that hiring the best mobile app development company is the only way to launch a successful mobile application? Well, it is true but not 100%!

This blog will guide you expert tips to ensure the quality in mobile app development.

With over 6.5 million applications available in the leading app stores (Apple app store and Google Play Store), investing in mobile app development has become an urgent need of an hour.

So if you are planning to create an application for your business, then keep in mind that you are entering into a highly competitive market where there are already thousands of applications available in each sector. So how will you win the game?

Undoubtedly, modern mobile app development services offer you flexibility and powerful tools to turn your app idea into a robust yet highly scalable application. But the success of the application is not just about choosing the million-dollar app idea and hiring the best mobile app developers or leveraging the industry best technologies. Instead, it depends upon the product quality that you deliver to the users and the skills you embedded in the app development.

No matter whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise, the simple concept of launching a successful application is to keep these two essential things in mind:

  1. The quality of the app ensures security and delivers excellent customer satisfaction.
  2. The reliability of the app.

With the availability of so many technologies and frameworks, undoubtedly a high performing app is no more left a far fetched task. There are a wide choice of plugins and widgets available that enables you to build a highly fancy app, but what if it fails to deliver the seamless user experience. Missing out on any point in the app would put your hard efforts, time and money at the significant risk.

Why Do People Uninstall the App Immediately After its Installation?

A survey report has revealed that and 59% of users immediately uninstalled the app due to slow performance as they expect it to open as early as in 2 seconds. On the other hand, over 62% of users delete apps after installing because of installation error or crashes.

Developing an app might sound an exciting task, but making it successful in the cut-throat competitive market is one of the challenging tasks. A CleverTap has recently decided to survey over 2000 mobile app users to help you resolve the issues related to the app retention strategies and user engagement.

A survey report has figured out these potential reasons and facts of uninstallation of app indeed:

  • An average user has more than 40 apps downloaded on their mobile phones, but only 20% of users access it on the same day.
  • 39.9% of people uninstall apps because they may no longer use the app.
  • 28% of users uninstall apps because of too many advertisements and notifications in the app.
  • 11% of users delete apps because of technical issues or having confusion with the app.

So what are the standard principles of app development? How will you ensure the quality of the mobile app development? Is hiring the mobile app development company the only way to win the game? Let’s find out the answer!

Expert Tips On Ensuring Quality in the Mobile App Development

The first impression is always the last impression on the users! So before launching your mobile app, it is essential to test the performance and scalability of the app to avoid deploying a negative user experience.

With this article, we will guide you with expert tips on how to ensure the quality of the mobile app development.

Let’s begin with the expert tips:

1. Adherence To Fundamental App Development Principles

No matter what type of application you are planning to develop, there’s a standard set of rules that you need to adhere to if you want to launch the app flawlessly. These standard rules are the collection of successful practices that have been developed by the most experienced industry members for years. Undoubtedly, they have streamlined the process of app development by defining the standard rules of action.

Moreover, the standard rules will help you keep a perfect balance between the creative side of the work and adherence to workflow principles. However, it doesn’t mean that there is a single app development policy to be followed by the developers. There are different sets of rules for other specialists in various fields that push their work efficiency and make it easier for them to review codes and carry out testing.

2. App Testing To Make Sure It Work Flawlessly

Pre-launch app testing is one of the significant aspects in app development, this is why people prefer to hire software development company which are backed by skilled app testers. . The quality assurance tester can help you test an app in a variety of possible scenarios. Since modern applications consist of a variety of components, so make sure to test every aspect of the application. Even if the chances of failure may seem low, then also there’s no reason to avoid the app testing.

App testing is the key to success; therefore, we have divided it into various segments:

  • Testing App Functionality

Did you know that the success of the app majorly depends upon the seamless functionality of the features? No matter how brilliant your app features are, if it takes too long to process or complicated to navigate, then it fails to build user engagement.

Make sure that the app should provide a functional user interface that meets the functional requirements, so majorly you need to test:

The app installation process, whether it is taking too long to install and simple to install.

User Registration or signup process should be working smoothly

An app upgrade process, after the launch of the latest version

Error notification in the app

Device-specific functions, including camera, sensors, and more.

  • Testing App Performance

Did you know nearly 59% of individuals uninstall the mobile app in case of slow launch?

Whether you are developing an app with MVP or creating an enterprise-level app, performance is one of those things that you never want to compromise. But as the user base of an app increases, the version of an app starts to be affected. So it is worth being aware of the number of users limit that would start affecting the performance of the app and when it is the ideal time to create a backup of the app.

Usually, app developers overlook to check the load of the app that it puts on the device, its battery, data usage and RAM. So before launching the app, it is worth testing the performance of the app, as users expect it to be launched in 2 seconds.

  • App Testing at Multiple Platforms

No matter whether you are developing an Android or iOS application, Native or Cross-platform application, it is essential to run it on as many devices as possible to minimize the risk of having bugs in an app. Emulators can help developers to find the specific screen issues or device-specific issues, but still, it is worth to list down at least top 5 devices that your target audience is going to use.

  • Testing App Under Multiple Circumstances

By running your app on different devices, you can identify bugs and issues in your app, but how will your app behave under the pressure. While testing your app, it is essential to verify its data usage, inputs, memory usage, battery drainage, signal strength, speed of the device and more. You need to keep a check on the background process and analyze how efficiently they are managed under certain stress levels.

To conduct app testing, it is worth to perform automated testing that frequently tracks and identifies the latest bugs developed in new features. Automated testing is highly crucial for the applications developed under Agile methodologies as it will continuously provide the feedback for each development without interfering with the development process. With the help of this type of testing, you can make instant corrections in the app before launching the latest version to the users.

  • Testing App Security

Whether its an enterprise-grade application or developed with basic features, all apps tend to store sensitive data of the users and most developers often overlook the security. While there is no bulletproof way to protect your app, but still with careful app testing, the app security can be evaluated quickly.

Before launching your app, keep in mind that people may have various ways to attack your app, especially in case if your marketing tactics are so impactful to attract the audience. To make it flow seamlessly, it is advised to choose mobile app development company offering app quality assurance services as well.

Since primary source to build your application is the quality of codes that determine how the app will be treated in the market. So make sure it should be thoroughly tested before its launch. In addition, don’t be afraid of checking it for every possible scenario to ensure its 100% security.

3. Using Multiple Approaches For Testing

To ensure excellent mobile quality and performance, you can’t rely on the single testing approach. There are several app testing approaches worth undertaking to minimize the risk of having errors in the app. The array of testing usually includes:

  • Cross-platform App Testing: Undoubtedly, cross-platform applications are developed with a single code-base, so developers overlook the need of testing apps on multiple platforms. No matter which framework you choose to build a cross-platform application, it is essential to test it on desktop, web and mobile.
  • User Interface Testing: You may develop a highly beautiful and appealing application, but what if it is too complicated to access or so confusing to access by the users? The complex app UI is prone to have bugs and requires highly experienced UI/UX designers that can customize the app with such interface. But, above all, it fails to build user engagement as users prefer to access such applications which are easy and straightforward to access.

4. Reviewing App Coding

There is no doubt in this fact that the app quality dramatically varies on the coding. And the biggest problem with coding is that there are several solutions available for the tasks and the risk of coding errors are depending upon the resource you pick up for the app development.

The younger and less experienced developers usually go for the shortcuts, because of lack of knowledge or time. This will solve the task at the moment but will create issues later on, especially when you need to upgrade it.

Of Course, no one wants it to happen for their project. So the simple solution to deal with it to hire mobile app developer that has an in-depth understanding of how things work. Additionally, get senior developers to look at work and to protect your efforts and investments from critical failures.

5. Verifying the Efficiency of Developers and Quality Assurance Tester

There comes a time in life, when even a highly experienced app development team fails to deal with the latest app issues. So, in that case, you need to measure the efficiency of the team members often. Make sure the development team you hire for the project is keeping up with the pace and providing you consistent quality to minimize the risk of having errors.


If you reached so far, then we hope you understand the importance of having mobile app testing. And in this blog, I w have covered most practical and crucial approaches of app testing that help you ensure the quality in mobile app development. But keep in mind that developers have to integrate both manual and automated methods of app testing to increase the test coverage and minimize the risk of having bugs.

To make the entire app testing process cut-short and straightforward, you can choose to hire a mobile app development company that has been skilled in professionally developing and testing the app through various procedures.




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