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One of the things that I like the most about Flutter is the ease of testing that comes with the platform; testing is a first class citizen of the framework. Out of the box, you get unit tests, widget tests and integration tests. These tools are a great compliment to produce a super high quality app, but I felt something was missing…

Let me introduce you to Ozzie, our new testing friend

Ozzie is an open source package for Flutter that will assist you while running integration tests. You can ask Ozzie to take screenshots at any point in time in your test suite, and if you want it, generate an HTML report.

It was developed and designed with a few goals in mind:

  • Easy to configure
  • Simple API
  • A well tested library
  • Use known Flutter tools; that is, rely on flutter_driver

The configuration is minimal, and you can add it to any existing test suite without any headaches; just add ozzie to your pubspec.yaml as a dev_dependency , and add it to any test you want like this:

Easy, right? Now you can see a pretty HTML report with your screenshots:

This is just the beginning

Ozzie v1.0 includes very minimal, but powerful functionality: take screenshots, and generate an HTML report. But what else can Ozzie do?

You can expect these set of features in future releases, among others:

  • Record videos
  • Use multiple emulators/simulators
  • Improved HTML report

Who is Ozzie in real life?

“Ozzie” enjoying the ultimate driving machine

Osvaldo, or “Ozzie” in the office, is one of my good team mates that works with me at BMW. He is a Sr. Program Manager at BMW that has helped me an my team numerous times during many different testing sessions.

Besides having a great name for a testing library 😁, I think it is really important to be thankful for all that good people that helps us to deliver good software. This is my way of thanking Ozzie.

You can find Ozzie: https://github.com/jorgecoca/ozzie.flutter

You can follow me on https://twitter.com/jcocaramos and see more code here on my public Github https://github.com/jorgecoca



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