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Everyone learns in different ways. Whether you prefer reading articles and documentation, watch videos, do courses or a mix, I have you covered!


Official documentation

The official documentation is pretty nice as it's well explained and contains lots of examples:

If you come from Android, iOS, React Native, web or Xamarin, in the Flutter docs you will find an explanation on how Flutter compares to the platform you already know:

Flutter Cookbook

The Flutter team created a cookbook where you will find many recipes that will teach how you can implement different mobile application components like navigation, persistence, animations, networking and more.

Blog Posts

You can find articles written by members of the Flutter team:

as well as many articles written by developers from the community:

Flutter Gallery

This is an application showcasing the power of Flutter. It also allows you to switch platform to iOS to see how the same application behaves if your mobile device ran iOS.

Screenshot of the Flutter Gallery in Google Play Store

Find it on Google Play, or if you wish to take a look at the source code, here is the repository:

Sample apps

If you want to learn looking at code, there's a list of sample applications linked in the Flutter repository:



If you like to learn by coding while following some tutorials, I recommend you the Google Codelabs. You will find a Dart Google Codelab and several Flutter Google Codelabs:

Udacity Flutter Course

Google and Udacity collaborated creating a course to learn how to build apps using Flutter:

Flutter Meetup Events

Meetup events focused on Flutter are appearing in many cities. Find one close to you!

Diverse Flutter Meetup events

Flutter Study Jam

If you want to learn together with a group of people, I suggest you to look for Flutter Study Jams. These are study groups organized by Google Developer Groups (GDG). Check if there are any GDG groups in your area, then check if they are planning to run a Flutter Study Jam and join them!


Flutter YouTube Channel

The Flutter team has an official YouTube channel where they post different content as talks given at conferences, tutorials and events:

From the video series they publish, the ones I like the most are:

  1. Flutter in Focus. This video series are 5–10 minutes Flutter tutorials:

2. The Boring Flutter Development Show. In this show, two developers will code, get stuck and debug together different Flutter components while building apps. Playlist

3. Flutter Widget of the Week. Every week they present a Widget, explaining what it is for and how to use it. This is a cool way to learn new widgets every week: Playlist.


Flutter tutorials created by Pawan Kumar:


Flutter tutorials created by Kamal:

Those are the resources I like the most. I wish you a happy learning! 😃

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