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Synchronising widget animations with the scroll of a PageView in Flutter

Source: https://wallpapersafari.com/w/U6wfT1#

What are we talking about?


  1. Create a NotifyingPageView widget, which wraps a PageView and notifies the changes to the provided ValueNotifier .
  2. Create a screen with a ValueNotifier<double> to pass to the NotifyingPageView in order to get updates about the scroll status.
  3. Complete the rest of the screen with the NotifyingPageView and our widget to transform.
  4. Launch the app and see our work in action! 🚀

Creating the NotifyingPageView

Creating the screen and the ValueNotifier

Building the page with NotifyingPageView and the transforming widget

  1. The NotifyingPageView , which is supplied with the notifier.
  2. An AnimatedBuilder tuned to the _notifier, which builds its child by rotating it by 2* pi * _notifier.value .

See everything in action





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