Flutter Community: Getting Started

Aug 26, 2018 · 2 min read

Welcome to Flutter Community!

Flutter Community is your central hub for articles relating to Flutter.

All articles featured are written by the community and range from how to’s to in-depth breakdowns of the framework.

If you would like to have your article featured, please feel free to email or reach out to our Editors on Twitter. We would be more than happy to feature your article.

Note: When submitting articles, please do so in draft mode.

Email: community@flutter.zone

Nash — (@Nash0x7E2)
Simon — (@devangelslondon)
Scott — (@scottstoll2017)

1 — If I submit to the publication can I also post on my own blog?
Answer: Yes absolutely! We encourage writers to not only post on their own blog but also link there medium post to there blogs.

2 — What are some benefits to me as a writer submitting to Flutter Community?
Answer: As a Writer for Flutter Community, you can leverage the traffic your articles generate to help boost your own website, plugins or apps.

3 — Benefits to me the reader?
Answer: The Flutter Community offers a wide range of articles on a variety of subjects relating to Flutter. Whether you are a seasoned programmer or just getting started, there is something here for everyone.

Additional Resources
Don’t forget to follow us on Medium and Twitter (@FlutterComm) to be notified when new articles are released.

For packages and plugins, be sure to follow the Flutter Community Github at https://github.com/fluttercommunity

Flutter Community

Articles and Stories from the Flutter Community


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Programmer • Student • Flutter Developer • Mainly focuses on UI and Front-End

Flutter Community

Articles and Stories from the Flutter Community

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