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10 Startups that Use Flutter Apps to Disrupt the Market

Priyansh Shah
Jul 1, 2020 · 10 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along a myriad of opportunities, especially in the mobile technology development sector. Entrepreneurs who were waiting eagerly to bring a transformation in the world with their brilliant mobile app idea, the time is now!

The only thing that takes your time before pivoting yourself in the industry is choosing the ideal framework for your mobile application development. Today, no company can stand in the competition without a mobile app for its enterprise.

You might be wondering where to begin? We are here to aid assistance in every step of your journey. The primary point is how to get there.

Que. What would you need to start up your own Enterprise App?

The two most essential aspects that you must consider before initializing your startup idea, are as below:

In the current times of digitization, competition has become vicious, and what established businesses and entrepreneurs used to please their customers will no longer work for you. If you think that providing the best products/services will win your customers’ hearts, you might not be entirely correct. Along with superior quality product/service, you need to digitize your business to make it to your intended target audience.

To stand out from the league, you can not just go digital; you need to be an extremist. This way, you will gain more customers and also retain your existing ones. The crucial point of digitizing your business is the selection of technology.

Modern business is incomplete without a mobile app. Customers convert to be dedicated customers if they get end-to-end connections and services on-demand, which is possible through the mobile app.

Hence, an entrepreneur needs to invest in a mobile application. Ultimately, it comes to choosing the right technology for your mobile app development.

Google’s UI software development kit, Flutter, is proving itself to be a leading mobile technology that is bringing a transformation with Material Design Specifications. In this blog, we’re going to give you prominent reasons that prove Flutter for your startup is the ideal choice for your first Mobile Application development.

The Role of Flutter in Start-ups and Business Development

We’re going to take you through the aspects of the Flutter development kit that will prove why it is ideal for a start-up.

As you want to hire the best mobile app development company for your enterprise app, getting the option of an open-source platform is the biggest boon. No matter how complex your mobile application maybe, you get a vibrant in-built community for material design, APIs, widgets, and more. Your Flutter Developers can leverage the open-source framework and build your extensive cross-platform mobile application.

Your app developers always feel a pain in the neck when they have to change on and often. However, with Flutter’s Hot Reload functionality, it is as easy and smooth as a pie! You do not have to go through the trouble of saving the changes and then reloading for seeing the output. This feature reflects the edits and changes instantly, saving your development time.

You can avail maximum features in your Flutter application for your business with the help of a varied catalog of in-built widgets. You get options for navigation, scrolling, icons, fonts, and so much more. Grab the opportunity of hassle-free development with the Flutter UI kit.

To avail equal market share amongst your end-users, you should serve every operating system, and there can be no better cross-platform framework but Flutter, to meet your expectations. With Flutter, you just have to write a single codebase that is eligible to run on both the standard OSes Android and iOS.

Advantages of Flutter

Take a look at the pleasant fruits that you shall gain when you opt for Google’s Flutter as your start-up technology.

You get the benefit of speedy development with Flutter because without loosing your existing app, you can keep on adding new functions and features in your application. You can create a fantastic UI with Flutter’s material design in minimal time spent.

For entrepreneurs like yourself, a minimal viable product is the most essential first-step towards a grand success. As you opt to go for an MVP development, by-default, you get other linked advantages of saving time, labor, & money, enabling you to test your application and get feedback and get early feature improvements.

You no more need to look after the UI elements for each platform individually. Flutter’s cross-platform approach reduces the troubles of working for bundles. You can instead implement the same business logic for all platforms- Android and iOS.

Create an interactive UI for your users with a myriad of animation options that Flutter provides. You can create customized animations and interfaces for various platforms using Flutter. When an app is visually attractive and engaging, it is sure to grab attention from the audience.

With Flutter, you can create and compile your code to act like a native behavior. Customers will find your Flutter app for your startup as reliable and trustworthy, and developers will thank you for choosing Flutter for its native app performance.

Flutter apps are compatible with mobile, web, and desktop. Your business is sure to take a flight of success as you choose Flutter for a startup, which is highly responsive.

As you compare Flutter Technology with other frameworks, you will learn more about the charm of the Flutter app development.

Flutter over React Native

Take the most competitive front-end framework from Facebook, React Native is standing close in the comparison. Let us find out React Native Vs. Flutter, Which Is Really Worth to Build Hybrid Mobile Apps?

Both Flutter and React Native are cross-platform technologies, and as such, there can not be a straightforward answer to find the best between these two. Each project has its requirements, and you need to find out yours.

However, as we compare these two technologies based on factors like their programming language, installation, developer productivity, and community support, React Native sounds better than Flutter because of its extended stay in the market since its release in 2015. In contrast, Flutter came after three years in 2018.

Though being new, Flutter for startup mobile app has marked excellence in the following points of comparison. We will go through them one by one:

The internal architecture within any technology is the decision-maker. For React Native, it is Flux, whereas, for Flutter, it is Skia. Skia comprises of everything that you might need for your app development. You would no longer need an external bridge to link through your application’s native components because Flutter comprises them within the framework.

Before executing development, app developers need to install and configure the essential setup, which is time-consuming. When you choose- React Native as your development framework, you do not get a guideline document for Android projects.

On the contrary, Flutter provides a well-guided IDE setup for both the platforms- iOS and Android. The CLI tool-Flutter doctor- helps developers in setting up the environment for Flutter development services.

With React Native, you just get the UI rendering and device access APIs. In contrast, Flutter has a rich set of components and libraries that support native elements like state management, navigation, testing, API access, and UI rendering components.

While when using React Native, you can rely on third-party libraries.

As React Native is a javascript platform, there are only a few unit testing options available. There is no support for UI testing and integration in React Native. Whereas with Flutter, you get terrific documentation for testing and testing apps for widget testing and more.

Flutter eases the pain of your mobile application release on the play store and app store. With React Native, you have to manage everything manually, whereas, with Flutter development services, you get a CLI interface that can speed-up your app release procedure very efficiently.

Once you have released your cross-platform mobile application, maintaining it is equally crucial. With React Native, there is no support for Continuous Integration and Continuous Development. On the other hand, Flutter has CI/CD support with its CLI interface and well documentation support.

With these points in mind, you can determine whether React Native or Flutter for startup mobile app is right for your enterprise.

Companies using Flutter

Coming to the core part of this blog, we have assembled the top 10 Flutter projects by rising start-ups that are fruitfully spreading their fame across all the industries and communities of the world. Check them out here.

Category: Utility

Users can check their campaign stats on their smartphones via alerts and notifications. An efficient and classic example of the Flutter toolkit.

Category: eCommerce

Flutter empowers this eCommerce giant for global trade. A convenient mode to trade from any corner of the world merely with the help of a mobile app.

Category: Finance

An app to manage credit cards with custom offers and rewards. It keeps track of spending from all your accounts, and it learns from your sending behaviors.

Category: Finance

A collection of data and figures for all the major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin, etc. It entails the options for exchange rate charts and more.

Category: Lifestyle

This Flutter-built mindfulness app uses AI to go deep within and learn about yourself. Users can create personal journals and stories for gaining advanced statistics record.

Category: Entertainment

Flutter empowers the official Hamilton Musical app for lotteries across NY, London, and Chicago. Users can purchase merchandise from the app and access daily trivia and more.

Category: Health and Fitness

A meditation app for the German language that helps users to polish their positive traits and overcome the negativities.

Category: Health and Wellness

An amazing app that examines the amount of water a person consumes every day along with reminding customarily to have water as per the user’s daily target goal.

Category: Social Media

A place where users can manage all their social media accounts from one handle along with polishing, editing, and simultaneously updating posts on various platforms. Built wit Flutter, Hookle enables users to compose and publish content, and monitor other activity.

Category: Maps and Navigation

Singapore Bus Tracker uses this Flutter app to enlist bus stations, services, SMRT, tower buses, and information on routes, maps, and color codes.

From the Health industry to Entertainment, from Finance and Social Media to Utility and Lifestyle, you saw that all types of enterprises have begun their business journey using Flutter development services as their golden tool.

By knowing about these 10 start-up applications from varied industries, you can understand that Flutter is a booster that provides ignition for laying your enterprise application in the market. These are the top companies that use Flutter for startup mobile app. If you want to share any other apps, please add them in the comments below.


Flutter holds every probable aspect that an entrepreneur would look for before investing in their start-up app development. The robust code and community make Flutter a flexible choice for small and medium enterprise applications. So, what are you waiting for? As you have a mind-blasting idea, take the first step and we assure you that we will grab the rest of the 99 steps towards you and take you to destined heights.

Join hands with the brilliant Flutter App Development Company to leverage the most out of Flutters’ contribution. Be ready to set sail with our ardent Flutter developers that will build your next-generation enterprise app.

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