A roundup of Flutter news at Google I/O

Flutter: beautiful apps for mobile, web and desktop

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3 min readMay 8, 2019


We shipped an almost overwhelming amount of news about Flutter at I/O ’19 this year, and if it’s not your full-time job to track it all, you might be forgiven for missing some of it. So here’s an aggregation of all the big news, as well as highlights from the press coverage.

Flutter for Web technical preview, announced by Adam Seligman during the developer keynote at Google I/O ‘19


Flutter expands from mobile devices to support the web and desktop: same codebase, same focus on fast, beautiful experiences with high productivity.

News and announcements

Articles from the Flutter and Dart teams

Articles from partner teams

Flutter and Dart keynote and session recordings

Demos and Codelabs

The New York Times KENKEN game, shown running on Chrome, macOS, mobile Safari, iPhone and Android.

Press highlights

  • “Flutter has grown by leaps and bounds to quickly become arguably the best framework for multi-platform coding across iOS and Android. […] It has frankly been a bit shocking how positive the response to Flutter has been.” (XDA Developers)
  • “Google’s Flutter UI toolkit for cross-platform development may only be two years old, but it has quickly become the framework of choice for many developers.” (TechCrunch)
  • “Google is fixing one of the biggest hurdles for app developers that not only makes their jobs easier, but also makes their apps and services better to use on pretty much every platform we most commonly use, including Android, iOS, Windows 10, macOS, Chrome OS, and web browsers.” (BusinessInsider)
  • “Clearly, Google is trying to make Flutter the best way to create apps of every kind. Whether your app is for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows, Web, IoT or all of the above doesn’t matter anymore, and that’s astounding.” (9to5Google)
  • The updates, which got a lot of cheers when they were announced today […] mean that Flutter in fact becomes a multiplatform UI framework.” (SiliconAngle)

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