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Announcing Flutter Windows Alpha

Native Windows app compilation, some early plugins, and a desktop-ready Flutter Gallery app

Adding Windows to Flutter

  • Toolchain updates: adding a new target to the CLI and IDE tools (in this case Windows)
  • Shell: support for handling input from Windows via WM_* messages and output via ANGLE, which uses Skia to render at native speed to an underlying DirectX surface
  • Runner: every project gets a shell application for the supported targets. For Windows, it’s a Win32/C++ program that loads your Flutter code and executes it at runtime. It’s a good place to add native code to your app if you need it.
  • Plugins: A plugin is a mixture of Dart code and native code for each of the platforms that the plugin supports. That native code needs to be added for each plugin that is compiled into your Flutter app on Windows.

Exploring some sample apps

Getting started with Flutter for Windows

$ flutter channel dev
$ flutter upgrade
$ flutter config --enable-windows-desktop

Plugins for Windows

Interop with Windows

$ flutter create --template plugin --platforms windows hello_plugin

Flutter for Windows resources

Flutter for Windows in the wild

What’s next




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