🕒 It’s Time: The Flutter Clock Contest Results

Martin Aguinis
Feb 25 · 3 min read

We are always amazed by what developers around the world are building with Flutter. This year we partnered with the Google Assistant and Lenovo teams to bring you our most recent contest: Flutter Clock — challenging you to build a Flutter clock face application for the Lenovo Smart Clock that is beautiful and innovative.

We received over 850 unique submissions across 86 different countries. This included entries from first time coders to Flutter experts. The following video provides a glimpse of what you made from the hundreds of submissions we received:

The winners are… 🥁🥁🥁

Grand Prize Winner: Particle Clock by Mickel Andersson

Flutter Clock Grand Prize Winner of the $10,000 iMac Pro

Judges were in awe from the visual effect, execution, code quality and overall novelty of this clock. The mathematical complexity of particle calculation was impressive.

Visual Beauty Winner: Cloom Clock by Filipe Barroso and Francisco Frutuoso

Flutter Clock Visual Beauty Winner of a Lenovo 10" Smart Display with the Google Assistant

The custom type and elegant animations made this clock a visual stand out. They used Rive for excellent animations, and had a vibrant color selection.

Overall Execution Winner: Humanbeans Clock by Boris Brestnichki

Flutter Clock Overall Execution Winner of a Lenovo 10" Smart Display with the Google Assistant

This submission has a great storyline and thought out UX. The attention to detail, including custom illustration and hand drawn numerals, made this clock stand out.

Code Quality Winner: Creative Creator Or Maybe Not Clock by Hubert Henkemeier

Flutter Clock Code Quality Winner of a Lenovo 10" Smart Display with the Google Assistant

It’s impressive how well documented and written this clock is. The participant even authored a detailed post describing their full process. Everything is painted purely with Flutter’s Canvas: no assets, no packages, and no prebuilt widgets were used.

Novelty of Idea Winner: Sunset Reflections Clock by Victor Morilla

Flutter Clock Novelty of Idea Winner of a Lenovo 10" Smart Display with the Google Assistant

Interesting idea to emulate the behavior of cold cathode displays. The rendering and way this clock was created was novel.

Honorable Mentions:

Judging was no small task, and our judges found it difficult to choose a mere 5 top winners out of all the entries based on our criteria. Therefore, our judges also awarded honorable mentions to the following entries, in alphabetical order:

We were amazed by the quality and creativity of the entries — there are so many more wonderful clocks that you can see here. Thanks so much for participating!


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