The Flutter Create winners are…

Martin Aguinis
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4 min readMay 7, 2019


Flutter Create is a contest that challenges you to build something interesting, inspiring, and beautiful with Flutter using 5KB or less of Dart code.

We received over 750 unique submissions from 60+ countries and regions, and included entries from first time coders to Flutter experts. This video provides a glimpse of what you made from the hundreds of submissions we received:

To put the limited size in perspective, 5KB is…

  • Less than half a second of a typical music file. A typical MP3 file is encoded at 128kbps (kilobits/sec). That’s 128/8 = 16 kilobytes / second. So 5KB is 0.3125s of a typical MP3 file.
  • Less than 0.05% of the size of the HTML specification. Less than 5% of the size of the HTML specification’s table of contents, even.
  • The size of a 80x60 image, encoded in GIF format. Original image.

We hope you had fun using Flutter, and participating in the inaugural Flutter Create contest.

The winners are… 🥁🥁🥁

Grand Prize Winner: Compass by Zebiao Hu

This app is a polished, custom-designed fully functioning compass. Once you scroll up, it displays a globe that users can rotate and get real-time weather data wherever the red dot is placed.

Visual Beauty Winner: Relax by Erin Morrissey

Relax is a beautiful audio meditation app that displays imagery of rain, forest, sunset, and ocean with corresponding sounds.

Code Quality Winner: Pocket Piano by Rody Davis

A piano built for both iOS and Android. You can change the octave (by sliding to the left or right), and key width, toggle labels on the keys, and play any note (or notes) by tapping. The piano also fully supports semantics for screen reader users. Check out their tutorial to build the app yourself.

Overall Execution Winner: TimeFlow by Fabian Stein

TimeFlow is a timer that displays a sphere that shatters into pieces and slowly reassembles in one, two, or three minutes, as selected (reassembly not shown in the video). This gentle approach to a timer addresses the complaint that numeric timers can stress the meditator.

Novelty of Idea Winner: Flutter Events by Noel Jacob

This app allows event calendars to be encoded in QR codes so that attendees can quickly see what is happening at their event. It is impressive how much of an application’s UI can be stored in a JSON file (in a QR code) rather than being hard-coded in the application.

Other Submissions

Judging was no small task, and our judges found it difficult to choose a mere 5 winners out of all the entries based on our criteria. Therefore, our judges also awarded honorable mentions to the following entries, in alphabetical order:

We were blown away by the quality and creativity of the entries. Some developers took time-off work to focus on their apps, and one developer turned their entry into a full-time job.

To see more examples of many of the hundreds of projects that were submitted, see the FutterCreateSubmissions2019 repo on GitHub.

Thanks so much for participating! Let us know what you thought about the contest. We may offer Flutter Create, or a variation, again in the future.