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What we learned from the Flutter Q2 2020 survey

With a focus on code samples, app performance, and writing packages

57% of respondents are very satisfied with Flutter. In total, 94% are positively satisfied.

Flutter adoption

This quarter we were particularly interested in better understanding how professional developers choose Flutter, and so we asked some questions to find out more. Our hypothesis was that there’s an overlap between personal and professional use, and we wanted to test this and understand it better.

Overall, 46% of the respondents decided or convinced management to adopt Flutter after using Flutter for personal projects
The proportion of respondents who decided or convinced management remained high in all categories of company/organization

Code samples

In the previous survey, users told us that sample code is the most useful learning resource, even more than videos, articles, or demos. In this quarter’s survey, we wanted to better understand what types of sample code we should invest in.

Stack Overflow was the common place where people found useful sample code from (26%), followed by GitHub (17%).
Respondents said that more but smaller samples would be more useful. In the actual survey question, the phrase “{resource that participant selected}” was filled with suggested resources (such as Stack Overflow) where the respondent recently found sample code.
The proportion of the respondents who selected “more, but smaller code samples” remained high in all types of resources.

Flutter app performance

Flutter compiles to machine code on mobile and desktop devices, allowing for performance comparable with system frameworks. Still, the Flutter team is invested in improving various performance metrics, including rendering speed, power usage, memory usage, and application size. As a result, the proportion of users positively satisfied with Flutter’s mobile performance increased from 85% in Q3 2019 to 92% this quarter.

92% of the users are positively satisfied with Flutter’s mobile performance. This does not include 9.2% who selected “I don’t have enough experience with it to answer this question” or 2.3% who selected “What is release mode or profile mode?”
Relative acceptability of Flutter apps performance, compared to Android native.
Relative acceptability of Flutter apps performance, compared to iOS native.

Writing packages

Flutter developers can use packages on pub.dev to quickly build their apps, without having to write everything from scratch. While there are over 10,000 Flutter-compatible packages available on pub.dev, only a small number of them are directly maintained by the Google Flutter team. Thus, Flutter’s ecosystem is, by design, heavily dependent on community contributions.

82% of the authors published their packages because they wanted other users to benefit
“Benefiting others” motivated only 58% of the authors to maintain their packages

Wrapping up

We hope that this series of posts continues to demonstrate how much we value your input. We spend hours analyzing and digesting your responses every quarter. Several of us from across user research, engineering, and product management read through every free-form comment, and while we can’t answer every one directly, your needs and comments influence our decision-making every day.



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