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This is why we love flutter!

People connected with flutter are motivated to create and show their flutter creations!

About dialog youtube video

Read texts from image and remember it till end of the article.

I was trying to find the answers of some basic questions.

Why do we love flutter?

Why are we creating so much content for flutter?

Why are we satisfied by flutter?

Suddenly, About Dialog widget’s video popped up in my youtube timeline and it gave me all the answers in a second!

You must be wondering what’s a big deal in releasing a video on a very small widget by the flutter team!

But there’s much more to think over it.

Do you know about any other programming frameworks where the creators release such a video to explain a little thing? You might say NO! and here’s my answer.

We as a flutter developer always see how flutter solves our small problems through simple and small Widget. Yes! it is true. I tend to think that everything in flutter is nothing but a small widget. So, I have to make many small widgets and my work is done!

At the same time, Flutter team, creators like me(who write articles or produce video content), we are producing contents that show developers that we can achieve anything using flutter.

We saw how people played with CodePen, Adobe XD to create beautiful content to show the real power of flutter.

Because of all these things, now people believed that they can achieve anything that they want.

So, people jump into it and try out flutter in very little time.

Also not to forget, to show flutter’s power over the web, we have CodePen, DartPad which adds more value into this motivation and it pulls all developers to try out flutter.

Once we try flutter for the first time, we get amazed by its performance, hot reload, and hot restart capabilities, also we see it running on every platform in less than a minute.

Now, if you remember a text from the positioned image, you will find the following

Let Flutter do the work 😈

Look how smartly it conveyed the message that, ‘You don’t have to worry about anything. We are working for you!’.

These are some points that I found other than the technological features and advantages.

I hope you liked this article!

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