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FlutterForce — #Week 10

- AbsorbPointer (Flutter Widget of the Week)

AbsorbPointer offers a great way to block taps from getting to your widgets. If you have a complicated subtree of widgets and you need a way to wall them all off from touch events, try AbsorbPointer.

- Flutters 2019 Roadmap

With the release of Flutter 1.0, They made a good start but They’ve still got lots of work to do!

In the interest of transparency, They share high-level details of our roadmap, so that others can see their priorities and make plans based off the work they are doing.

- Flutter Desktop Launcher with Hot Reload

This video is about how Run Flutter on Desktop Platform without Emulator on Mac OS and Linux as well.

- UI Challenge: Piano Tiles Clone in Flutter

This post is pretty straight-forward. He created a clone of Piano Tiles 2 — a mobile game where you play on a simplified piano.

Now he shared his experiences. Let’s get started!

Codes ==>

- Flutter for Junior Devs Video Series

Nick Manning launched the “Flutter for Junior Devs” course, for those that want to dive into the mobile dev world.

- Flutter — Drawer (Tutorial)

A simple drawer with avatar images and additional items.

Codes ==>

- How we use user surveys to prioritize engineering effort in Flutter — October 2018 edition

Ja Young Lee shares the results of Flutter UX research team’s latest user survey! This online survey was conducted from Oct 29th to Nov 12nd, before Flutter 1.0 was announced.

- How to Build a Responsive House with Flare and Flutter

Umberto Sonnino says “Before Google I/O ’18, at 2Dimensions we started experimenting with Flutter. We ended up building a game that was played by ~3000 people at the conference, but on the side we also built a Showcase app that seamlessly combines UI elements with smooth animated graphics in real-time!”

- Creating Minesweeper in Flutter

Making a Minesweeper clone in Flutter (without a game engine) from Deven Joshi

- Flutter + Source Generation: The birth of a Magical Widget [Part 1]

“This two-part article will discuss everything you need to know about the Magical Widget Flutter package. How it was born, what it offers, and how to use it.
If you are the type of readers that searches for keywords at the beginning of an article, fine, take these: super easy to use, very simple to understand, very powerful, source is auto-generated, Manipulate your UI widgets so easily, BLoC state management, and you should know this if you are a Flutter programmer 😌 “ from Raef Mousheimish

- Flutter Giffy Dialog

A Flutter package for a quick and handy giffy dialog.

Thanks for reading!

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