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FlutterForce — #Week 110

Production of FlutterForce — #Week110 supported by Localazy.com, the modern way of multilingual development for Flutter apps

- Flutter UI/UX Examples 🍟

Looking for an awesome UI kit for Flutter? Here is a curated list of a few awesome Flutter UI design templates to integrate in your Flutter app and save your time on designing widgets. You can check more UI design templates here.

- Best Resources to Learn Flutter & Dart

Flutter is a UI toolkit, developed by Google, and you can use it to create a beautiful native app for desktop, mobile, and web. For faster development and native performance, you can choose Flutter for building an app. Hot Reload and customizable widgets are some notable features of Flutter.

- Flutter Tutorial — Fingerprint & Touch ID — Local Auth

By using Flutter Local Auth users can authenticate with Fingerprint & Touch ID in Flutter.

- Reverse engineering Flutter apps (Part 2)

This is a continuation of Part 1 which covered how Flutter compiles apps and what snapshots look like internally.

- Flutter Navigator 2.0 and Deep Links

With Flutter’s Navigator 2.0, learn how to handle deep links in Flutter and gain the ultimate navigation control for your app.

- Build Flutter Apps Fast with Riverpod, Firebase, Hooks, and Freezed

Today, I’m going to teach you how to build a fully functional shopping list app using Riverpod, Firebase, Hooks, and Freezed. With this combination, we’re able to greatly reduce the amount of boilerplate code we have to write when developing apps.

- scaled_list

A Horizontal List view With Lots of modification including a scaled current item.

  • Provided with curved custom painting and Dots indictor below it.
  • it makes the widget of item builder responsive to the device screen’s width and height.
  • You can also set the relative width, margin width, height of selected and unselected Card to the entire screen

- Flutter Basics — How Flutter renders the contents on the screen?

After reading my previous article in this series, you would be wondering that how actually flutter rebuilds widgets. Every widget has its own build method and they are called often! During a complete rebuild, how much of a performance hit do we encounter?

- Flutter Web: Twitch OAuth2 authentication flow implementation

I had a hard time figuring how to implement this kind of authentication flow while a solution was actually quite simple. Today I am going to explain it using Twitch’s API as an example. by Guillaume Roux

- Adaptive Layouts part 2 (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 46)

Filip and Fitz jump back into the app they started working on in part 1 with adaptive layout. They switch to an expandable desktop window and explore how flexible their layout should be and troubleshoot issues that arise when working on an adaptive layout.

- Dart vs Kotlin: detailed comparison

Dart vs Kotlin? Both Dart and Kotlin have been gaining a lot of traction in recent years, though they have been around for a pretty long time. by Codemagic

- Messenger Gradient Chat Bubble Effect In Flutter

Facebook has taken the world by storm and created a milestone in the UI/UX world by introducing Messenger’s new dynamic chat theme. The dynamic gradient effect on Chat Bubbles while scrolling is an absolutely new concept that the world has seen. So, this gave us a craving to emulate this effect in Flutter.

- Design Shapes in Flutter — Introduction to the Morphable Shape Package

Shapes and borders are essential aspects of UI frameworks. CSS offers rounded rectangle shapes with four configurable borders out of the box. But you can use clip-path or some smart tricks to generate all kinds of shapes. It would be great to have those features in Flutter as well. by Wenkai Fan

- swipeable_card_stack

This is Tinder like swipeable cards package. You can add your own widgets to the stack, receive all four events, left, right, up and down. You can define your own business logic for each direction.

- Flutter Fortune Wheel

This Flutter package includes wheel of fortune widgets, which allow you to visualize random selection processes. They are highly customizable and work across mobile, desktop and the web.

- Flutter and PWAs with Chris Sells | All Hands on Tech podcast

Jeremy speaks with Chris Sells, who is a Senior Product Manager at Google with the Flutter team. They discuss progressive web apps, Flutter, and online backgammon over Telnet.

- flutter_pw_validator

Flutter Password Validator package helps you to validate sign-in user-entered passwords with your rules.

- Build an iMessage Clone with Stream’s Flutter Chat SDK

In this tutorial, we’ll build a functional clone of iMessage using Stream Chat Flutter SDK. Building a chat in your app at scale is not an easy task; but in this tutorial, you’ll get a chat experience up and running in roughly 20 minutes! You can follow this tutorial without a deep knowledge of Flutter, a basic understanding of the layout system, Row and Column, we’ll do. by Sacha Arbonel

- beamer

Handle your application routing, synchronize it with browser URL and more. Beamer uses the power of Navigator 2.0 API and implements all the underlying logic for you.

- flutter_inappwebview

A Flutter plugin that allows you to add an inline webview, to use an headless webview, and to open an in-app browser window.

- CICD P1. Multiple Firebase Environments in Flutter

This will be first part of multi-part series, which will introduce ultimate CICD configuration for Flutter. I’ll split it to individual small tutorials as they standalone can contribute to many developers already. by Aurimas Deimantas

- drop_zone

A simple way to bring drag’n’drop to flutter web.

drop_zone is commonly used for file choosing by dragging and dropping a file(s) onto a designated widget. The user can then use the dropped html file(s).

- Flutter app’s state in Isolate

There are many ways to manage state in Flutter, but most of them are built in such a way that all the logic is executed in the main isolate of your application. Execution of network requests, working with WebSocket, potentially heavy synchronous operations (like local search), all this, as a rule, is implemented in the main isolate. This article will show other doors as well. by Mikle Alpha

- Flutter gridview simple pagination

In this post i’ll cover how to do a quick and dirty pagination using the GridView widget in Flutter. This approach will also work with other components such as the ListView or just a collection of widgets layed out in a Column or Row, with a few tweaks of course.

- dimension

A Flutter package that introduce the Dimension/Length class. It mimics the css length system and currently supports four units including px, percentage, vw and vh. The user would need to supply the constraint value and the screen size in order to get a px value from the Length class.

- Flutter — Handling Application Lifecycle | Flutter Tutorial

In this Flutter Tutorial, we will be taking an in-depth look at handling Application Logic on the application life cycle States such as resumed, paused, inactive or detached. We will write a basic timer app to pause when the application is in the background and resume when the app comes to the foreground.

- Flutter Tutorial: Hotel Booking App UI

Building a Hotel Booking app and looking for inspiration? Look no further, we will build two screens of a super clean hotel booking app using Flutter.

- Getting Started With Flutter (A 3 part guide)

Flutter is a UI toolkit, allowing you to build a native UI across mobile, web and desktop. The beauty of Flutter is this is possible from a single codebase using declarative UI.

- Ep. 008 — Fills and strokes | Flutter Processing

Today, we implement fill(), noFill(), stroke(), and noStroke().

- Flutter TabBar: A complete tutorial with examples

Apps often have different categories of content or features available to users. Naturally, you want your users to be able to quickly glance at each option and move between categories with a simple swipe. That’s where the Flutter TabBar class comes in.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.




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