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FlutterForce — #Week 114

Production of FlutterForce — #Week114 supported by Localazy.com, the modern way of multilingual development for Flutter apps

- Build high-quality UIs with ease

Monarch is a tool for Flutter developers. It makes building beautiful apps a simpler and faster experience.

- Isar Database

Fast ACID compliant NoSQL database with compound indexes, full text search and strong encryption

- Flutter YouTube Clone UI Tutorial | Apps From Scratch

This Flutter UI tutorial is great for beginners as well as advanced developers who want to improve their mobile app development skills. You’ll learn how to use slivers, display the selected video above our bottom navigation bar with the miniplayer package, riverpod to manage the state of our app, and easy UI tips to help you develop a beautiful project.

- Appwrite

Appwrite is a self-hosted solution that provides developers with a set of easy-to-use and integrate REST APIs to manage their core backend needs.

- RotatedBox (Widget of the Week)

Want to add an element to your design that is rotated by increments of 90 degrees? Like this: 🖤 → ❥? Use the RotatedBox widget. Learn how it works, how to set it up, and how it differs from Transform.rotate.

- A guided tour of the Flutter SDK (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 47)

Today, instead of building something, Filip gives a guided tour of the Flutter SDK. From widget down to Skia, learn more about the inner workings and see what it’s all about.

- Very Good CLI — The Best Flutter Starter Project Generator

In big words, the Very Good CLI is a tool that will greatly enhance any flutter starter application you’ll create from now on, and that’s because every app will be based on the Very Good Core. This means that out of the box, every application you’ll initially create will include an amazing list of really important pre-baked features like: a highly stable, efficient, testable and maintainable Project Structure and Architecture, BLoC State Management, I18n, 100% line coverage via tests, Very Good Analysis and many, many more!

- Best Resources to Learn Flutter & Dart

Flutter is a UI toolkit, developed by Google, and you can use it to create a beautiful native app for desktop, mobile, and web. For faster development and native performance, you can choose Flutter for building an app. Hot Reload and customizable widgets are some notable features of Flutter.

- How do I make my first Flutter app

You’ve got a great idea for an app, but now you’re not really sure where to start. In this series for beginners we’ll show you how to get started with Flutter and teach you how to build your own Flutter app with explanations, demos, and step-by-step examples.

- page_view_dot_indicator

This lib draws a simple dot indicator for page views with a simple API. Right now it is able to draw dots with custom size, colors, spacing and duration.

- Building realtime apps with Flutter and WebSockets: client-side considerations

Flutter has in-built support for WebSockets via the web_socket_channel package, enabling you to connect to a WebSocket server, listen to messages emitted by the server, and send data to the server.

- Flutter 2.0 Internet Connectivity Check

In this video, we learn how to Check Internet Connectivity in Flutter 2.0 android and iOS Application using Provider.

- Developing Blockchain Applications With Flutter

A blockchain is a decentralized database that everyone can access. They have an intriguing property where once data is stored in a blockchain, changing it becomes incredibly difficult.

- Implementing a fortune wheel

There are cases when you want to have an iconic way of selecting a random value from a given list. In this tutorial we ware going to implement a fortune wheel.

- Parabeac: Figma/Sketch -> Flutter

The only Continuous Integration and Continuous Design (CI/CD) tool for product teams that integrates the design and development workflows for faster & more effective Flutter app development.

- Why YOU Should Learn Flutter in 2021

See why you should (or maybe shouldn’t) start learning flutter in 2021.

- Create a Flutter Maps Widget in 10 Minutes

Get an overview of the Syncfusion Flutter Maps widget. This video explains how to add the Syncfusion Flutter Maps widget to a Flutter project. It also explains how to set the geo JSON data for the shape layer from a local asset bundle, set a title for the map, and show data labels. You will also see how to show legends and tooltips. Finally, you will learn how to add a tile layer and set the initial zoom level.

- Flutter 101 Podcast — Thomas Burkhart

Thomas Burkhart is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart. He’s the author of popular packages, like get_it, flutter_command, and functional_listener. We talked about the RVMS architecture.

- How to Do SSL Pinning Via Self Generated Signed Certificates In Flutter?

Earlier we have been through various articles based on flutter like Refresh an AlertDialog in flutter. So in this article, we will go through how to Do SSL Pinning Via Self Generated Signed Certificates In Flutter.

- Using Storage Permission in Flutter

Flutter is an awesome toolkit. It allows us for fast UI iteration. But what if we are not able to access the storage of the device we’re running on? In this guide, we’ll go through how we can get the storage permission in a Flutter Application.

- Scaffold class in Flutter

In this article we are going to known about Scaffold class in Flutter with examples.

Scaffold is an Important class in Flutter. It is a parent widget for many widgets like AppBar, Drawer, BottomNavigationBar, FloatingActionButton, SnackBar, and so on.
Scaffold implements the basic material design layout. It will expand to fill the available space means that it will occupy the entire screen.

- version_tracker

Local version and build tracker plugin. Provides the ability to keep track of previous installations and easily migrate data between upgrades.

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