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FlutterForce — #Week 12

- Help improve Flutter! Take this survey :)

Flutter team shared a survey for improve Flutter, they want to make sure your feedback and thoughts are included.

- BackdropFilter (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Apply effects to the images supported in your Flutter app by using the ImageFilter class and the BackdropFilter widget!

- Understanding state management, and why you never will

“This post is a personal perspective and does not represent the views or opinions of the Flutter team, or Google more broadly.” from Matt Carroll

- BottomNavyBar

A beautiful and animated bottom navigation. The navigation bar use your current theme, but you are free to customize it. It’ s created from Pedro Massango

- How to sign Flutter apps for iOS automatically without a Mac

Helina Ariva says “We have good news to all the Flutter developers! Codemagic has made the entire code signing business easier than ever before by eliminating some of the steps required in conventional iOS code signing process.”

- Flutter Localization with Rosetta

We are pleased to announce Rosetta, our localization generator library. Just like the namesake — Rosetta Stone — it will offer a guiding hand managing translations between languages in your Flutter application.

- #1 Flutter + Dart Tips

This article is all about the Dart and Flutter tips, I will be writing an article like this every month. My aim is to cover all the Flutter and Dart Tips I have discovered. All tips shared can be found in my “FlutterDartTips” repo on Github from Bhavik Makwana

- Watch your code!

How to enable Dart linting to become a Flutter code ninja from Frederik Schweiger

- Get Fluttered: A Deceptively Simple Bottom AppBar Part #1

Very clearly explain of bottom appbar from Manas Gupta

- FlutterUI — Clean designs — Chef Profile

- Simon implementation in Flutter

Simon is an electronic game of memory skill in which the device creates a series of tones and lights and requires a user to repeat the sequence. If the user succeeds, the series becomes progressively longer and more complex. from David Anaya

- A CI/CD Tool For Flutter

“Dealing with the complexities of managing mobile apps, after they are first ready for release, is like fighting a dragon that get’s stronger each time you attack it. It’s really just the beginning of a long series of repetitive tasks that continues to grow.” from Maurice McCabe

- The Power of WebViews in Flutter

Do you want to write an app that can display a web page without having to open your mobile device’s browser? from Emily Fortuna

- Flutter Layouts for the CSS Developer

- Catcher

Catcher is Flutter plugin which catches automatically errors/exceptions and report them. Catcher offers multiple way to report catched error.

- Sprite Sheet Animations in Flutter

Flutter provides lots of cool and slick animations out of the box, most related to movement and tweens (continuous changes in size, position, color, et cetera). However, one particular thing that it’s really hard to do using only the native APIs is a simple sprite sheet animation. Or any sprite sheet handling, for that matters. from Luan Nico

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