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FlutterForce — #Week 124

Production of FlutterForce — #Week124 supported by Localazy.com, the modern way of multilingual development for Flutter apps

- infinite_scroll_pagination

Unopinionated, extensible and highly customizable package to help you lazily load and display small chunks of items as the user scrolls down the screen — known as infinite scrolling pagination, endless scrolling pagination, auto-pagination, lazy loading pagination, progressive loading pagination, etc.

- Introducing NativeShell for Flutter

In the last decade or so the spotlight has been largely shifted to web and mobile, which does not make me particularly happy. So it feels like it’s time to crawl out of the shadows, leave my comfort zone and try to help bringing some of the spotlight it back where it belongs. To the desktop! :)

- rate_my_app

This plugin allows to kindly ask users to rate your app if custom conditions are met (eg. install time, number of launches, etc…). You can even add your own conditions.

- Flutter UI/UX Examples

Looking for an awesome UI kit for Flutter? Here is a curated list of a few awesome Flutter UI design templates to integrate in your Flutter app and save your time on designing widgets. You can check more UI design templates here.

- Flutter Budget Tracker with Notion API Tutorial

I’m going to teach you how to build a Budget Tracker with Flutter and the Notion API. You’ll learn how to set up a database in Notion, use Notion’s API to retrieve data, and visualize this data in your Flutter apps.

- super_editor

Super Editor is an open source, configurable, extensible text editor and document renderer for Flutter apps.

- Animating InteractiveViewer in Flutter

In my 4th game in the Loca Deserta Game Universe I am using InteractiveViewer widget in order to implement a map. It allows me to pan, zoom in/out, basically everything you expect from the map in a game by Dmytro Gladkyi

- Managing multi-package Flutter projects with Melos

Most of the time when you create a Flutter project. You work with a single package. The project consists of a single pubspec.yaml , lib folder. You put all your features and utilities in the same package. But there are projects which break their features and utilities into multiple packages. This helps in better separation of concerns and allows the team to open-source some of their packages. by Sagar Suri

- Build.yaml tips to make code generation for your Flutter projects more pleasant

If you’ve ever worked on a project that contains lots of generated code, you’ll know how much of a pain it can be to manage. Not only do you have to deal with long build times, but you may also have to deal with a bunch of boilerplate.

Using a build.yaml file, you can alleviate some of the pains that come along with using code generation. This article will explore some practical ways you can use the build.yaml file to improve your workflow.

- A Flutter document announcement!

We finish up our discussion of documents in Flutter with an announcement!

- Flutter: A deep dive into integration_test library

Recently the Flutter team released a new way to test your apps called the integration_test package. In this post we’ll look at some reasons why you should use the new package, explain how to use it, and provide some links to the best sources of documentation and examples.

- pinterest_nav_bar

Pinterest app’s Like bottom navigation bar.

- former — Easy form building in Flutter

Formik is one of my favorite React libraries. It is a form library that drastically reduces boilerplate for keeping track of field values, validation, and form submission.

- round_spot

Round Spot simplifies the UI accessibility and behaviour analysis for Flutter applications by handling the data gathering and processing. It produces beautiful heat map visualizations that aim to make the UI improvement and troubleshooting easy and intuitive.

- colorize_text_avatar

Colorize Text Avatar is a package to generate avatar based on your user initials. It supports to generate avatars based on your specification or it colorize your avatar by using predefined colors. Enjoy it!

Thanks for reading!

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