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FlutterForce — #Week 130

- Flutter Ninja

This book aims to be a useful companion for anyone wishing to learn Flutter.

- How To Make a Piano App in Flutter

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create your own virtual instrument.
Our aim is to not only create it but to also understand how it works.
by Denis Crăciunescu

- LoForm Flutter

LoForm is a low-code and lightweight Flutter form library, inspired by Formik — the world’s most popular form library for React, used in production at Airbnb, Stripe, NASA and more.

- 15 Top Apps Built With Flutter & Dart

Since Flutter works with developers for building cross-platform native apps with very little compromise, Flutter has been dependent on new companies and set up brands. Here are the top 15 apps developed using flutter, representing its capability to build local applications in shifted classifications.

- Flutter Form Validation | Flutter TextField Validation

You will learn how to validate fluter form. Flutter form validation happens with flutter textformfield validator. TextFormField has a validator property. We can use that property to validate with regex expressions.

- Control Lights with Flutter

Bluetooth and Flutter might not seem like they would work well, but actually it’s pretty simple. Using and Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 and a Flutter App we are able to control an LED. Even though this is a relatively simple example, once you figure this out, there are virtually no limits what you can do with bluetooth and Flutter.

- Drag and drop UI elements in Flutter with Draggable and DragTarget

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to build drag-and-drop interactions in a Flutter app using Draggable, DragTarget, and LongPressDraggable. We’ll also walk through some practical examples to show you how these widgets work together to produce engaging drag-and-drop experiences for your users.

- Finding the importance of proper null safety migration (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 50)

Filip and Fitz attempt to fully upgrade the Hacker News app, and address the runtime bug they saw at the end of the previous episode. This adventure takes them to fun places, such as the internal implementation of string interpolation in Dart SDK, and at one point they even have to resort to print debugging.

- Everything you need to know about Web Renderers in Flutter

I’ve been building web apps with Flutter for almost a year now. Throughout my journey, I’ve come to learn that building a stable web app with the Framework is not as straightforward as it may initially seem.

You see, there are many little details and configurations that affect how an app built with Flutter will look and perform… some of which can make or break it. One example is the web renderer you decide to use.

- Ripple pond effect

This project contains Ripple pond effect widget. It makes wave when you click on it! There is still many things to improve in this widget so feel free to contribute. I just share my work, it is not production ready code, you can copy it and adjust for your needs.

- Beginning State, Inherited Widgets

Over one-half of the state-management solutions for Flutter are inherited widget-based. Let me show the basics of inherited widget state management solutions. by Fred Grott

- Effective Algorithms for Dart and Flutter. Hash Set

In Effective Algorithms for Dart, part 1 we started to talk about Algorithms and Data Structures in Dart and Flutter. We came up with the idea that Algorithms Matter. And the importance of selection of proper algorithm is crucial even in very simple cases.

Today we’ll talk about the importance of selection of proper data structure. The slogan of today’s lesson is Data Structures Matter. by Aleksey Drobnych

- Fedi for Pleroma and Mastodon

Fedi is open-source client for Pleroma and Mastodon social networks written using Flutter.

Pleroma and Mastodon are parts of Fediverse (decentralized social network). The main idea of Fediverse — nobody owns Fediverse. Anybody can run their server instance and use it to communicate with other people.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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