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FlutterForce — #Week 131

- Fontina

An app which showcases a personally curated collection of fonts. Written in flutter, cross-platform and responsive. Uses the Fontgen API to display and pair fonts.

- How to architect a production-level app in Flutter

Flutter helps developers build great UIs quickly. When a team of developers starts a new project, they implement one feature after another. In the early stages of the development, the production pace will most probably satisfy the clients. The excitement goes on until the developers realize that they are at a point where they cannot scale up the project anymore. by Erkan Sahin

- Monarch

Monarch is a tool for Flutter developers. It makes building beautiful apps a simpler and faster experience.

- What Flutter Apps Are Missing to Look & Feel Native, on Android

When I talk with other people about the Flutter framework, I always argue that it doesn’t actually look native and that the developers would still need to put in extra work, if they care about something like that.

Here are some tweaks that you should use to let your Flutter app look more native. by Volskaya

- onboarding_overlay

A flexible onboarding widget that can start and stop with an arbitrary number of steps and arbitrary starting point

- Responsive layouts in Flutter: Split View and Drawer Navigation

In this article, we’ll focus on one very specific type of responsive layout and learn how to create a split view that looks like this on a widescreen

- Collection (Flutter Package of the Week)

Tired of doing all the work on your own and just want some help dealing with lists, maps, and sets in your app? package:collection lets you check if two collections contain other collections, implement a priority queue, “Do maths”, and more!

- Mastering Dart Collections

Collections are a set of interfaces and classes that implement highly optimised data structures. They reduce the programming effort and improve the performance of the code if chosen carefully.

In this article, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of all the collections to enable you to choose the perfect fit for your use case. by Denis Crăciunescu

- Cash Balancer

It is too hard to balance money across different assets and accounts. Spreadsheets are too hostile; banks are too complex. This app should help you understand your finances without the help of an expert. It works basically as a finance calculator for asset allocation: you put what you have, how much you want to have (%), and check the difference.

- FlutLab

FlutLab is a modern Flutter online IDE and the best place to create, debug, and build cross-platform projects.

- koel

The mobile app for Koel, which provides a complete mobile app experience and doesn’t have the limitations of the mobile web version. Supports both iOS and Android.

- Building Custom TabBar Indicator in Flutter

Almost every other app has multiple groups of content. Tabs allow you to organize and navigate between these groups of content seamlessly in your app. Flutter has its own TabBar and TabBarView widget to create tabs and view it’s content.

In this tutorial, we will be building some custom TabBar indicators.

- Flutter Travel UI Tutorial | Step by Step Well Explained Part 2

Welcome to my Flutter Apps from Scratch tutorial series. In this video, you will build the layout of a travel UI and learn about customScrollView, sliver, stacks and position manipulation.

- The Well App

“The Well App”, for people like me who are looking for a way to bring some more positivity and self-improvement into their lives. To make this app, I researched the field of positive psychology and implemented what I learned into an easy-to-use and accessible interface.

- Disable screenshots and screen recordings in the Flutter apps

It may be necessary to disable screenshots and screen recordings from a user in a few applications for security reasons. This functionality can be found in a variety of apps, including banking apps, video streaming apps, and so on.

- How to add SliverAppBar to your Flutter app

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to implement the SliverAppBar widget in a Flutter app by walking through some practical examples.

Thanks for reading!

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