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FlutterForce — #Week 133

- DioHub for Github

DioHub is an open-source unofficial GitHub mobile client, that aims to deliver the ultimate GitHub experience on mobile devices developed with Flutter

- How to Parse JSON in Dart/Flutter: The Essential Guide

By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to write model classes with robust JSON parsing and validation code.

- Flutter Custom Animation — Grocery App

On flutter very easily you can make amazing animation, that looks wow 🤩. A lot of you guys think it’s pretty hard to do, but not in flutter. So today I will show you how easily you can animate grocery app add to cart items also how to do custom or animated navigation on flutter.

- HeroMode (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Have a Hero transition but unsure how to stop the animation from higher in the widget tree? By wrapping the Hero in HeroMode, you can enable or disable the animation power it has.

- visa 2.0

This is an OAuth 2.0 package that makes it super easy to add third party authentication to flutter apps. It has support for FB, Google, LinkedIn, Discord, Twitch, Github, and Spotify, auth. It also provides support for adding new OAuth providers. You can read this medium article for a brief introduction.

- Reactive Programming Using RxDart For Flutter Applications — Part 1

Reactive programming is programming with asynchronous observable streams. In Dart, stream provide an asynchronous sequence of data. In this first part, we will be looking on how to do reactive programming for our flutter applications by extending the capabilities of dart stream with RxDart using it’s Subjects and Stream Classes by Mohit Chauhan

- 11 Tips to Improve Your Flutter Development Productivity in Android Studio

In this blog, we will cover some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Android Studio for Flutter development to optimize your workflow. By using these shortcut keys, Flutter programming becomes easier and perhaps even more fun.

- The Ultimate Guide to App Development with Flutter

A complete and comprehensive guide to learning Flutter with explanations, screenshots, tips, resources, and examples for Dart, Flutter, Firebase, State Management and more.

- Flutter — Creating a Game From Scratch

In this Flutter Tutorial, we will be taking a look at creating a base for Jardinains (Pong) Game in Flutter from Scratch. I will be going through the code, explaining to you all the important concepts. This tutorial will help you understand the implementation for Collision detection in games and a lot more to work on your own Flutter Game Projects.

- Logging The Reactive Way

In this article, I am going to show you how the Dart and Flutter implementation of Reactive impacts logging and gives us clues in what we need to implement as far as a logging infrastructure for our Flutter app. by Fred Grott

- Horizontal Listview Inside Vertical Lisview in Flutter

Hey Guys we will learn how we can get horizontal listview inside vertical listview in flutter in 2 ways.

- Flutter HTML Editor

Flutter HTML Editor is a simple HTML-based Richtext editor, which is able to edit and parse a selected set of HTML tags into a Flutter widget.

- Extension methods in Dart

This article introduces extension methods in Dart and how to use them in your applications. This is also the first article in the Dart on ice series.

- Flutter UI Staggered Grid View App

Welcome to my Flutter Apps from Scratch tutorial series. In this video, you will build the layout of a travel app UI and learn about how to use the staggered grid view.

- Firebase Emulator setup for Flutter

Maybe you’re trying to set up a local dev environment for your Firebase Project. Or you may want to try out Firebase Functions, but are on the spark plan of Firebase.

Whatever It may be, Firebase offers us an emulator suite we can use to experiment with Firebase locally.

- lo_form

LoForm is a low-code and lightweight Flutter form library, inspired by Formik, yet the implementation is very different due to the nature of TypeScript vs Dart.

LoForm tries to focus on simplicity and to solve most of the drawbacks and limitations of other existing solutions.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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