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FlutterForce — #Week 135

- Figma Assistant by Grida

Don’t waste time repeating yourself. UI Development? — We’ve got it. Sit back and relax. Figma Assistant is a Free & Open source Code converter that generates High quality Flutter code. by softmarshmallow

- Flutter Complex UI App for Beginners

This is flutter app tutorial for beginners for training app step by step using a complex UI with getx package for navigation. This would be a training or gym app ui.

- 11 Things to Remember for Your Next Flutter Project

Creating a new Flutter project is a blessing — fresh codebase, no legacy code (yet), null-safety, most recent versions of your favourite packages and so forth. But at the same time, you should make critical decisions at the beginning of the project that would lay the foundation for the future, such as tooling, packages, file structure, state management solution, testing plan. Otherwise, the project would eventually turn into just another bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. To avoid this, I have prepared a list of, in my opinion, the most important elements of the project that should be decided early on. I hope it would help you, therefore — happy reading! by Mangirdas Kazlauskas

- How to Draw a Task Completion Ring with CustomPainter

Micro-interactions are great! They can enhance the user experience in our apps and delight our users.

And when the built-in Flutter widgets are not enough, CustomPainter comes to the rescue! So let’s see how to use it to draw the UI for this animated task completion ring

- Moor: Enhanced Offline Storage for Flutter

Moor is a library for Flutter that allows us to work with Flutter’s SQLite database easily and in Dart only. Moor itself uses SQL as its backbone, so in flutter we will have both options, We can write query or directly create a Table using Dart. by Suravi Rout

- package:html (Flutter Package of the Week)

Nostalgic for HTML? Package html is an HTML5 parser that gives you an object that models an HTML document and gives you queryable access to its DOM tree.

- Real-time Audio Classification Flutter

Real-time Audio Classification in flutter. It uses , Interpreter API from TFLite Flutter Plugin, TensorAudio API from TFLite Flutter Support Library.

- Flutter Version Management with Leo Farias

Leo Farias is the creator of FVM. FVM stands for Flutter Version Management, and it’s an essential tool in every Flutter developer’s toolbelt. We also talked about Sidekick, a desktop app written in Flutter to enhance the Flutter dev experience and it is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux

- Dart Board

Leverage the power of Flutter + Feature Development to rapidly develop modular cross-platform applications.

- Adding Google Maps to a Flutter app

Adding Google Maps to your mobile app can open up a whole new world to your users — literally. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the official plugin for integrating Google Maps in your Flutter app.

- Complete Guide To Flutter Drawer

In this article, We’re going to learn how to display beautiful drawers with an example (flutter drawer example).

- Find File extension from File path in Flutter

The chances are high that we had to find out the extension of a File. My use case was when I was trying to pick an image from the gallery and save it to Firebase Storage.

In this post, I will show you the simplest way to find out a file’s extension in Flutter.

- Flutter- Convert complex objects (Nested Maps, Lists) to a url query string

convert maps inside maps, list inside maps, maps inside list to a single query string for a get request

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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