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FlutterForce — #Week 14

- Positioned (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Use the Positioned widget to position Flutter widgets in a Stack. Wrap the Stack’s children with a Positioned widget and set the parameters (top, bottom, left, right, height, and width) to achieve your desired Stack layout. You can also use Positioned.fill to make the widget fill the Stack’s space.

- The absolute best VSCode Plugins for Flutter development

Coupled with Visual Studio Code and these incredible plugins, the Flutter experience is butter smooth. Without further ado, here are his top picks for better fluttering.

- Collapsible Sidebar and Navigation Drawer

Mocking a design from dribbble in Flutter In this video, he has created a collapsible drawer/sidebar which can be used as a drawer or anywhere in the body of the scaffold. It can collapse and expand. It can stick on the screen or completely vanish from the screen.

- A Flutter package that can convert letters and icons into paths and animate them

This is a pure Flutter and Dart package that allows you to convert text — both characters and icons — into paths. It can generate SVG path strings and Flutter Path objects too.

- Kalium — Open Source Cryptocurrency Wallet Written with Flutter!

The first cryptocurrency wallet made with Flutter!

- Flutter: Firebase CRUD Using Cloud Firestore | BLoC Refactoring

Flutter: Firebase CRUD Using Cloud Firestore | BLoC Refactoring from Robert Brunhage

- Flutter Hangman game using Flare

This project is created as part of Flutter Self learning, it uses Flare by 2dimensions along with flutter to recreate the old pen and paper game of Hangman.

- Avoiding the On-Screen Keyboard in Flutter

Newcomers to both native iOS and Android development often struggle with what should be an easy problem: making room for the on-screen software keyboard. There are many different solutions, some of which are built-in and some of which use third-party packages. How does Flutter handle this scenario? from Martin Rybak

- Emily Fortuna | It’s All Widgets! Flutter Podcast

Emily Fortuna is a developer advocate on the Flutter team at Google. When not educating people about the awesomeness of Flutter, she can be found working on improving fairness in machine learning or acting on the stage and screen. She is an avid member of the nerdy joke appreciation society.

- ⛅️Weather Tutorial with dynamic theme + pull to refresh🎉

Hey everyone, today we’re going to build a minimal (but functional) weather app in Flutter which demonstrates how to manage multiple blocs to implement dynamic theming, pull-to-refresh, and much more. from Felix Angelov

- RomBro.UI

RomBro UI is a mobile application written in Dart using Flutter which acts as a frontend for the RomBro service. It allows you to find and download your favorite ROMs. Tested to work on Android.

- Quick Tip #5 — sync*, a taste of the future

This is one of the most common issues faced by Flutter developers.

Indeed, the List literal is not easy to work with and creating a complex list can be a painful experience — be it conditionally adding a widget in a Column or concatenating a children argument with custom logic. from Remi Rousselet

- A experiment with Flutter, GraphQL, Graphene-Python, Google App Engine, and Google Datastore

A experiment with Fluro, Flutter, Graphql, Graphene-Python, Google App Engine and Google Datastore

- Advanced Flutter Layout — Flow

Flutter provide a wide range of widgets to customize your layout, most of which can be found here. However if you are like me and you don’t want to miss anything related to flutter you probably have seen a few interesting widget names. In this article I will be talking about one of these widgets,the flow widget. from Raouf Rahiche

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