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FlutterForce — #Week 140

- go_router

The goal of the go_router package is to simplify use of the Router in Flutter as specified by the MaterialApp.router constructor. By default, it requires an implementation of the RouterDelegate and RouteInformationParser classes. These two implementations themselves imply the definition of a third type to hold the app state that drives the creation of the Navigator.

- Flutter TextField validation made easy with TextEditingController and AnimatedBuilder

In this example, we show a custom error hint and disable the submit button if the text is empty or too short.

- How To Share Flutter Apps In Browser — 3 Easy Steps

Meet FlutterHost — easy hosting for Flutter apps. Now you can upload your Flutter project and share it with clients, friends or team directly in browser.

- A New Form System for Flutter

Probably one of the most straightforward form systems available for free for building complex Flutter form with only a few lines of code. by Gaspard Merten

- Writing server side Dart code

We recently released Dropzone Plus — a service that handles HTML form uploads for you — and most of it is written in Dart. We recently published a post about our experience with building a Flutter Web App and quite a few people were interested in our server setup as well, so here you go! by Matias Meno

- Building No Signal App using Flutter and Appwrite

Let’s do Something creative and make a next level Flutter App. We are going to make No Signal — A chatting app inspired by Signal. We are going to use Appwrite as backend, Riverpod as State management solution and of course Flutter for creating beautiful apps. by Bishwajeet Parhi

- Translate app

This is a translate app built with flutter and google machine learning kit.

- Test coverage explains with lcov on Flutter

With Flutter, we can make test coverage to see how many lines of code we cover. But something we don’t want to test everything in our codebase. Imagine a Clean Architecture with data/domain/presentation, and we want to cover only data and domain, we will see in this article how to do it.

- open_route_service

The package enables the easy integration of the openrouteservice API with relevant data models, for generation of Routes and Directions on Maps, Isochrones, Time-Distance Matrix, Pelias Geocoding, POIs, Elevation, routing Optimizations etc, using their amazing API.

- Flutter save data to local storage with Hive NoSQL database package

Hive is a lightweight and blazing fast key-value database written in pure Dart. by Hasan Basri Bayat

- How to build a custom calendar in Flutter

We are going to see how we can build and customize the calendar widget in Flutter so we can provide our users with that experience.

- acceptable

A flutter package acceptable provides AcceptableStatefulWidget which glues Providers of provider package and StatefulWidget.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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