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FlutterForce — #Week 149

- Flutter 2.8: What’s new with Filip Hráček

Flutter 2.8 brings “significant performance improvements in both the engine and in Flutter DevTools, a stable release of the Google Mobile Ads SDK for Flutter, a slew of new Firebase features and improvements, WebView 3.0, a new batch of Flutter Favorite packages, a raft of updates to desktop on our way to a stable release, and a new version of DartPad with support for more packages, including Firebase itself.”

- Flutter MVVM and Clean Architecture — Part 1: Setup

I’m going to share as a series of posts how easy and clean it can be scaling an app from a simple MVVM to something similar to The Clean Architecture whilst keeping your code well tested.

- Telegram bot with Dart and Docker

In this article I want to share my experience on building Telegram bot with Dart and Docker. by Aleksey Kharitonov

- Using Appwrite with Flutter: A tutorial with examples

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to develop a Flutter App with Appwrite.

Throughout the tutorial, we’ll walk through some practical examples by building a demo app so you can see these Appwrite services in action.

- Building a Clubhouse clone using 100ms in Flutter

This post will take you through a step by step guide on how to build a basic Clubhouse like app using Flutter and 100ms’ live audio video SDK in the following way

- Flutter Tutorial: Login, Role, and Permissions

In this Flutter tutorial, we will show you how to build Android and iOS apps that can Login with role-based and permissions by accessing REST API. So, there will be a different screen or view that is accessible for each different role. Each role has a different permissions array. Each permission is represented by a screen, function, or REST API endpoint access.

- Adaptive (Flutter of the day)

Adaptive in flutter is something useful if you want to create a UI that represent more the actual platform user (Android or IOS). This is five adaptive that you can use in your flutter app.

- simple_async_builder

Simple Future and Stream builder for Flutter. This package provides AsyncFutureBuilder and AsyncStreamBuilder - more developer-friendly versions of FutureBuilder and StreamBuilder.

- Run Flutter Widget Tests as Integration Tests

This article steps you through the process of running widget tests as integration tests. Take some time to read about Flutter Testing — particularly Widget Testing, before you step through this guide.

- in_app_purchase Plugin Update

The Flutter team recently update the flutter plugin in_app_purchase to version 2.0.0. We’ve checked the changes and here is what is new.

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