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FlutterForce — #Week 150

- unusable_player

Unusable player is a mobile music player devlopped in Flutter. It’s a portfolio project, it’s not mean to be used in real life. Its focus on visuals instead of usability and performance, that’s why the project is called “Unusable Player”.

- MIX: A tool for building design systems in Flutter

Mix helps you to build design systems in Flutter expressively and effortlessly. It offers primitive building blocks to help developers and designers create beautiful and consistent user interfaces for their applications. This makes even complex design systems easily maintainable and scalable. by Souvik Biswas

- Are Embedded Devices the Future of Flutter?

Sky was eventually renamed to Flutter, and the list of supported platforms gradually expanded to include iOS, web, and desktop. However, this is hardly the end of the road for Flutter, so the question that comes to mind is: what’s next? My guess is embedded devices.

I will try to illustrate that by running Flutter on a Raspberry Pi to show some interesting use cases.

- vk 0.2.1

The definitive landscape virtual keyboard for flutter projects that can’t support regular virtual keyboards (embedded). This is a fork from the original virtual_keyboard and fixes a lot of the major issues with that project.

- How to Implement Firebase Dynamic Links in Flutter?

Using Flutter Firebase Dynamic Links, users get the best experience for the platform they open dynamic links on.

Firebase dynamic links are the URLs through which we can directly guide the user to any page within Android and iOS applications by a single click.


ESSE (Encrypted Symmetrical Session Engine) An open source encrypted peer-to-peer system for data security, and allow data to be sent securely from one terminal to another without going through third-party services. Also provides data visualization and interactive entry. With a friendly interface for users, it transforms abstract data concepts into software that everyone can actually experience.

- TDD in Flutter Part 3: Testing your widgets

Hi everyone, it has been a while since the last episode but finally here it is, and I am ready to explain to you how to test your widgets. In this 3rd part I will explain you how to use testWidgets and how to use snapshot comparison for your widget rendering with the package golden_toolkit. Guillaume Roux

- 4 Easy Steps to Change Font Family in Flutter (Offline Font)

Customizing the Font Family helps you make your app stand out from others. You may get a Custom Font from a designer or you choose to show unique font to build your app brand. So in this tutorial, we’ll learn how to change font family in Flutter with 4 easy steps.

- path_provider (Package of the Week)

Are you tired of making users download the same data every time they launch your app, but you don’t want to add the complexity of databases or document storage? Try path_provider, which allows you to find commonly used locations on the filesystem.

- Bringing the *Dash*board to life | Learning to Fly

Follow along as Khanh puts together the new MyDash (formerly Dash Fanclub App) *dash*board, troubleshoots an uneven navigation bar with Craig, pelts Fitz with a Dash plushie, and more!

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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