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FlutterForce — #Week 151

- swipable_stack

A widget for stacking cards, which users can swipe horizontally and vertically with beautiful animations like Tinder UI.

- Flutter Maps With Vector Tiles

This post details the issues that I encountered and how I ended up solving the problem by adding support for vector tiles to flutter_map.

- Create a Shimmer Loading Effect on Flutter

Loading times are unavoidable in application development. From a user experience (UX) perspective, the most important thing is to show your users that loading is taking place. One popular approach to communicate to users that data is loading is to display a chrome color with a shimmer animation over the shapes that approximate the type of content that is loading. Show you how easily you can make it using flutter.

- Tear-offs | Decoding Flutter

In this episode, Craig Labenz decodes what a tear-off is and how to use them to streamline your code. Never heard of a tear-off? No worries — you’re in the right place!

- Flutter Triple

A new state management solution that looks promising.

Triple is a nickname to SSP. Some packages were created to make it easier for developers to start using the standard. We’ll call it an extension.


- Flutter: Adding (scalable) state management to the new `skeleton` template

Recently we took a deep dive into the new skeleton template included in the Flutter SDK. As noted in the article, one of the big missing pieces in the template is a scalable state management solution with dependency injection and data-binding.

- Third time’s the charm: Testing our Skeleton app (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 54)

Welcome back to The Boring Flutter Developement Show with Andrew Fitz Gibbon and Craig Labenz. In today’s episode, Fitz and Craig will attempt to add SharedPreferences to the Skeleton app and test it.

- Change Drawer Icon in Flutter Including Color + Size

The Drawer widget in Flutter is used to provide navigation to different pages. Typically, It opens up from the left side of your screen by tapping the menu icon and closes on tapping outside. While working with the Drawer widget sometimes, you may need to change the drawer icon or change its color and size to support your app branding. So in this tutorial, we’ll learn how to change drawer icon in Flutter. We’ll also see how to change the color and size of the drawer icon.

- How to add AudioWaveforms to your Flutter apps?

Flutter Audio Waveforms is an UI library for easily adding audio waveforms to your apps, with several customization options.

In this article, we’ll look into how we can get started using it and some prerequisite for it. by Rutvik Tak

- Vertical Viewport Was Given Unbounded Height

Flutter lets you combine various widgets to create a user interface that matches your design. Sometimes, you may need to include a scrollable widget inside the Column. For example, ListView inside Column. But while doing so, you get the unbounded height error. Which is a very common error in Fluter. So in this tutorial, we’ll explain why did you get the error called vertical viewport was given unbounded height in Flutter and try to fix it.

- Flutter Learning Roadmap 2022

Hello & Welcome. In this post I am going to discuss about Flutter Roadmap 2022. If you are interested in Flutter and you want to start your career as a Flutter Developer but you don’t know how to start learning and what is the correct learning path for flutter then this post is going to be very helpful for you. We are going to discuss about everything that you should know about Flutter.

- Flutter: A Skeleton App w/ GetIt + GetItMixin

In this post we’ll attempt to address that concern by building a simple yet scalable skeleton app using GetIt and GetItMixin!

- Flutter Paytm Integration

How to Integrate Paytm Payment Gateway in Flutter? Flutter Paytm Integration with Example.

- whatsapp_unilink

Dart package helping your app interact with WhatsApp via HTTP links (universal links). Works with Flutter.

- vimeo_video_player

A Video Player For Vimeo Videos in Flutter. This plugin allow us to play video from vimeo and it’s supports Android and iOS platforms.

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