FlutterForce — #Week 153

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4 min readJan 16, 2022


- Flutter Todos Bloc Library Tutorial

In the following tutorial, we’re going to build a todos app in Flutter using the Bloc library.

- loading_animation_widget

All loading animation APIs are same straight forward. There is a static method for each animation inside LoadingAnimationWidget class, which returns the Object of that animation. Both size and color are required some animations need more than one color.

- Flutter App Architecture: The Repository Pattern

Design patterns are useful templates that help us solve common problems in software design.

In this context, we can use the repository pattern to access data objects from various sources, such as a backend API, and make them available as type-safe entities to the domain layer of the app (which is where our business logic lives).

- Why Every Flutter Dev Should Care About BuildContext

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the importance of this class and how the framework uses it. Most importantly, we will look at ways developers can use this class to write more efficient Flutter applications. by Nash

- Appium & Flutter for Testing Mobile Apps: The Tradeoffs

While some opt to test within the native Flutter framework, other teams prefer to test with the Appium-Flutter driver. Here, we delve into the tradeoffs of using Flutter and Appium for testing Flutter applications, as well as the best time to use each framework.

- Top Flutter Packages of 2021 — PUB.DEV RELEASES

In 2021 I have presented you over 500 of the top Flutter packages. In this video I show you which of the weekly mentioned packages are the most liked ones of 2021.

- The best way to import icons in Flutter

In this tutorial, I will guide you on how to import icons in your Flutter application and render those icons in tests. Stay till the end cause there is a bonus tip on separating the icons in your UI package.

- Valorant Guide

Valorant Guide app is a small demo application to demonstrate Flutter application tech-stacks with a MobX and Provider.

- Bottom Sheet with Rounded Corners: 3 Steps Away

So in this tutorial, we’ll learn the easy way to create the Bottom Sheet with rounded corners in Flutter.

- Flutter: Introducing `RoutedWidgetSwitcher`

We’ve recently released a new package for use with all “Nav 2” implementations, called routed_widget_switcher: https://pub.dev/packages/routed_widget_switcher

- 3 Ways to Set Height and Width of TextField in Flutter

TextField is a widely used widget in Flutter. You may use it to create a simple form or just use it to allow users to enter a message in a chat app. It serves as the primary widget to get the user’s input. Sometimes you may need to change its height and width to match your design and provide a good user experience. So in this tutorial, we’ll learn how to set height and width of TextField in Flutter.

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