FlutterForce — #Week 155

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6 min readJan 30, 2022


- Our favorite pub.dev libraries

There are so many great libraries on pub.dev these days it can be hard to sift through them all. The flutter team maintains their own list of favorites, and we thought it might be worthwhile to put together a list of our own favorite libs!

Some of these we published ourselves, and others are third party packages that we think are just excellent additions to the core. In no particular order (other than alphabetical :p) here is a collection of some of our favorite flutters libs

- 10 Beginners mistakes in Flutter

As a Tech Lead for my day job, I had the opportunity to see and help to overcome several mistakes that beginners in Flutter can encounter.

This article aims at helping you identify those mistakes to help you avoid them as fast as possible.

- clock_loader

Highly versatile Widget display the smooth and creative loader named as clock loader.

- Simplified Flutter Localization using a BuildContext extension

If you plan to release your Flutter app to users around the world, sooner or later you’ll need to localize it so that it supports multiple languages.

Luckily, Flutter already ships with useful APIs that make this task easier, along with documentation explaining the process in detail.

- Flutter Tutorial: Google Drive File Upload

In this video, we’ll be using Google Drive API with Flutter to upload a FIle.

- Baseline (Widget of the Week)

Positioning widgets in Flutter is usually easy — you decide where they start and how big they are, and they’re positioned! But what if you need to position a widget of unknown size such that its bottom aligns with a specific point? Well, for that, you need the Baseline widget!

- How to use Flutter feature flags to release a feature without risk

Feature flags help control the effects of new releases if anything goes south. Releasing and rolling back mobile applications are not easy as they need to go through the specific app store process. Flutter feature flags help to turn a feature on or off minus the release process hassles. In this article you will go through a basic example that will show you how to implement feature flags for your own Flutter app. Let’s get rolling!

- Flutter CI & CD at ClickUp

With a growing mobile team and weekly releases, it’s essential to have a reliable CI pipeline. We need to be able to build and test our apps and deploy them to the App Store and Google Play Store. We also maintain internal preview versions to test the latest features.

Learn how we use ClickUp, Fastlane, and GitHub Actions to automate our Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD).

- Flutter: Easily add CI testing with GitHub Actions

One of the great things about Github Actions is how easily it lets you setup continuous integration testing for your flutter applications. In this post we’ll go through the basic implementation of a CI workflow in flutter.

- Implementing True Black dark theme mode in Flutter

If you’ve been using Flutter for a while, you already know theming with Flutter is very easy, and switching between light and dark mode is available out-of-the-box, something which can be a pain to implement with other frameworks if you don’t build your app with this in mind.

- internet_checker_banner

internet_checker_banner display a MaterialBanner when your Internet connection is bad or unavailable, and close it otherwise. The plugin determine if the device is currently connected to the global network (has access to the Internet).

- Functional Error Handling in Flutter

While Functional Programming (FP) is a programming paradigm known to bring many advantages in specific software domains (compilers, programs that involve parallelism, concurrency, distributed computing, and more), I’ll argue that some elements of FP can be very beneficial in state-intense applications too. by Mario Pepe

- Hydrated Bloc: Persist and Restore Your Bloc State/Data

In this article, I am going to explain to you, What Hydrated Bloc is? and Why would you want to use it? and how to put it to use in a flutter app?

- Simple Steps to Create an Investment (SIP) Calculator in Flutter

We have all come across a few investment planning applications and webpages. Major portions of them include interactive sliders and a radial gauge to show the output, along with some text widgets.

- Flutter ScrollPhysics Variations & Use Cases

The ‘physics’ widget param is found in all scrollable widgets (SingleChildScrollView, CustomScrollView, NestedScrollView, ListView, GridView, TabBarView, ListWheelScrollView …etc) In this article, I will go over the variation of ScrollPhysics that this param can take and what that variation does. by Roaa

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