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5 min readFeb 6, 2022


- Announcing Flutter for Windows

Since we launched Flutter, we’ve focused on delivering a cross-platform solution for beautiful, tailored apps that are compiled to machine code and take full advantage of the underlying graphics hardware of your device. Today marks a significant expansion of this vision with the first production release of support for Windows as an app target, enabling Windows developers to benefit from the same productivity and power that mobile developers have been enjoying. by Tim Sneath

- Flutter Update: Windows

With Flutter 2.10, you can now build Windows apps using Flutter. With a single codebase, you can build high-quality Windows apps that also run on mobile and web.

- 10 minutes to build a game in Flutter

Is it possible to build a functional game in Flutter in under 10 minutes of programming? Including U.I., a game loop, and opponent A.I.? How would such a game look like? Would the code be ugly and full of bugs? (The answer to that last one is a resounding yes, at least in my case.)

- A Short introduction to Fuchsia — FuchsiaOS

This implies that more than Android can be, Fuchsia will be more responsive and multi-platform, “targeting” on several platforms such as: Smartphones, TVs, HomeCasts, Speeches, Desktops, Watches, and maybe any others.

Since the last article I wrote about the system two years ago, a lot of things have changed, but we’ll see all of that in this article and some other news. by Allan Ramos

- Undo/Redo Mechanism with Riverpod in Flutter

In this article, you will see how Hansel and Gretel were developers who implement stack lists into the forest!

- Flutter Hero Animations and PageRouteBuilder

In this video, you are going to take a look at: How hero animation allows a widget transition to fly into place from one page to another and how to use the PageRouteBuilder to create custom navigation transitions with hero animation

- Top 10 real-time communication packages for flutter

Real-time communications (RTC) are the near simultaneous exchange of information over any type of telecommunications service from the sender to the receiver in a connection with negligible latency, according to Search Unified Communications. by Ricardo Castellanos

- Synchronize the scrolling of your ListViews in Flutter

In my current project, I have a requirement where I display multiple ListViews below each other and these lists must scroll together. It does not matter which list is scrolled by the user, the other one should follow it.

- Alfred

A performant, expressjs like web server / rest api framework thats easy to use and has all the bits in one place.

- Hello BLoC — Let’s finally learn it!

Hey Flutter devs! This article is for those who are relatively new to the Flutter land and are kinda lost in state management. by Binary Builds

- Flutter: Introducing `url_router` — A simpler Router controller

As a developer this can be a little frustrating as it feels like there is no middle ground. In order to gain even basic control of the url location, we are forced to choose a controller that is coupled to some opinionated parsing schema, (or write our own Router from scratch). These parsing schemas themselves are often significantly more complex than the underlying controller API and can obfuscate the basic functionality you’re interested in.

- 7 tips for junior Flutter developers

The beginnings in the world of programming are very hard, many things to learn, difficulties to understand the learning materials that one finds, doubts that appear and that seems impossible to solve…

This article stems from a Reddit thread where a user was asking for advice on how to improve his/her knowledge as a junior Flutter developer

- Flutter Random Face Generator

A flutter app to generate random faces. The Generated faces do not actually exist in real life (in other words you could catfish without getting in trouble 😉 jk jk pls don’t catfish). This app uses the thispersondoesnotexist and the fakeface api.

- Animations in Flutter with Lottie (2022)

Learn how to add amazing Lottie animations into your apps in just 5 minutes.

- atom_event_bus

An Event Bus based on Publish/Subscribe pattern to decouple your code dependencies using dart’s Stream.

- unofficial_twitch_open_api

This package allows to retrieve all the data by the newest Twitch APIs.

- file_support

File support is plugin that allow you to perform file handling operations. Like convert file to multipart.File support also help file to upload via base64.File support have most reliable compression algorithm to compress image.It also allow user to download files from any url.

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