FlutterForce — #Week 158

Ümit Duran
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3 min readMar 6, 2022


- Serverpod

Serverpod is a next-generation app and web server, explicitly built for the Flutter and Dart ecosystem. It allows you to write your server-side code in Dart, automatically generate your APIs, and hook up your database with minimal effort. Serverpod is open-source, and you can host your server anywhere.

- EnsembleUI

Ensemble is a platform to create server-driven UIs built on Flutter

- binary_tree

Self-Balancing Binary Search Tree for Dart. BST is implemented as Iterable. There are many operations such as greaterThen, lessThenOrEqual (create sublist), max , min etc.

- DropdownButton (Widget of the Week)

Need to provide users with a way to select a value from a list of options? There’s a widget for that. Add an easy to use dropdown menu to your app with DropdownButton!

- Functional Programming in Dart: Foundation

In this article series, we’ll go on a journey to understand Functional Programming and implement it using Dart & Flutter. by Yogesh Parwani

- youtube_caption_scraper

A Dart package that parses lyrics from YouTube. No authentication is required.

- Testing In Flutter: Widget Test

What is a Widget test? What are pumpWidget(), pump() & pumpAndSettle()? How to test smaller widgets in Isolation?

- Flutter & GitHub Workflows: Deploying to TestFlight

In the end I created a GitHub workflow that automatically publishes whenever I push a versioned tag to GitHub — it builds the project, signs it, and publishes that build to TestFlight.

- State restoration in Flutter

This is where state restoration comes to the rescue. In this tutorial, we’ll see what strategies we can use to prevent this kind of issue. by Luccas Correa

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