FlutterForce — #Week 159

Ümit Duran
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5 min readMar 13, 2022


- WeGo 4.X, not just a new look

The new Here WeGo Navigation app from HERE (Formerly Nokia Maps) is written entirely in Flutter

- Almost Netflix: A Netflix clone built with Flutter + Appwrite

Welcome to the third post in our Almost Netflix series! We’ll be building upon the project setup from yesterday and build a frontend for our Netflix Clone! In this post, we will take a closer look at building the clone using Flutter. In the subsequent posts of this series, we’ll be building frontends for other platforms like iOS and Android! by Wess Cope

- Flutter games with Bloc and Flame

Flutter is an incredible and versatile framework, focused on the creation of beautiful multi-platform applications. It can also be used to develop a special type of application: games!

In this article, we are going to give you an introduction into how state can be managed in a game using bloc.

- Streams vs Futures in Flutter

In today’s this vs that version of Flutter, we will see the difference between Streams and Futures. Streams and Futures are widely used when we are dealing with async functions and data. Let’s see what a stream is and what a future is after we will understand the differences between them

- Flutter After a Year of Inactivity

Man leaves frontend project unattended for almost a year and is shocked to find it mostly still works.

- Flutter RichText and TextSpan | Powerful Widgets

Learn about RichText and TextSpan to design your layout without column widget to keep things simple

- How to create Flutter package and publish it on Pub dev

In today’s article, we will see how we can create our own Flutter package and publish it on the pub dev website. Packages that are written in Dart. They might contain Flutter-specific functionality and depend on the Flutter Framework.

- premier_league_fantasy

This is a package built by a football fan and a tech enthusiast for easy access of fantasy PL data. There are packages in javascript and python but there was nothing for Flutter. So I decided to build one.

- How to receive and send data in real-time with Flutter and Websockets

Today, we will see how you can connect to a WebSocket through your Flutter app. Websockets are used widely in a lot of mobile apps to implement various features like messaging, notifications feed on social media, real-time stock price, and much more. Websockets are used whenever we need flowing data in real-time.

- shaky_animated_listview

Shaky_animated_list can be used for three main things: Animate List view scroll, Animate grid view first view, Animate grid view scroll.

- Flutter Ecommerce App

A new Flutter project — Ecommerce app done for interview task. This app helps to show product items in well structured and nice UI design. App is build upon REST api with Provider package. User can add products to cart and also calculate price. Love animation included for picking favorite.

- Flutter Bezier Curves

This is how to make Bezier Curves with Flutter. For this we use the ClipPath, CustomPaint, CustomClipper and CustomPainter. You can create any bezier curves from a SVG file. For this you open the SVG on Google, inspect the element, get the path and use an online converter to generate the Flutter / dart code

- Flutter Progress Indicator — (Circular + Linear)

No one likes to wait. User’s frustration increases when you don’t inform them about the progress your app is making. For example, if you make a heavy API call and just show them a simple wait message, it won’t give any impression of something being processed behind the scene. Adding Progress indicators to your app helps your users know the progress of the task they have triggered. So in this tutorial, we’ll see all about Flutter Progress Indicator. We’ll cover both Circular and Linear Progress Indicators.

- fluttils

fluttils is a package that helps you to write less code in your application by selecting some frequently used patterns and extracting them into new classes or functions, avoiding you having to creating those patterns by yourself or rewriting them every time you develop a new application.

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