FlutterForce — #Week 16

- AnimatedBuilder (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Flutter has great animation support — use the AnimatedBuilder widget to create animations. You can also manage the AnimatedController with a StatefulWidget.

- FlutterExamples: An ultimate cheatbook of curated designs

- VS Code extension adds Dart DevTools integration for a Flutter Inspector

A new command Dart: Open DevTools has been added that allows you to launch the Dart DevTools for a debugging session. With a debugging session active, open the command palette and find the DevTools command.

- Launching Flutter 1.2 at Mobile World Congress

The Flutter team is coming to you live this week from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the largest annual gathering of the mobile technology industry. One year ago, we announced the first beta of Flutter at this same event, and since then Flutter has grown faster than we could have imagined. So it seems fitting that we celebrate this anniversary occasion with our first stable update release for Flutter.

- List of Awesome Flutter Packages

A curated list 📄 of awesome 🌟 Flutter packages. These are some of the most valuable gems 💎 of the Flutter community.

- Flutter 2019: Securing your Flutter Apps Part — 1

- Flutter FlipperKit

Flipper SDK for Flutter helps you debug Flutter apps running in an emulator/simulator or connected physical development devices.

- Announcing Raster Image Support, Meshes, Vertex Deformations, and Blend Modes in Flare 1.1

2Dimension says “We’re excited to announce a bunch of new features in Flare 1.1! We’ve added images, meshes, vertex deformations, blend modes, and more to Flare. Try out Flare at 2Dimensions.com.”

- How we built Flutter app presented at MWC’19 in one month

One developer, one month and one Flutter app in production. This is the story of building a Flutter production app in just one month with no prior experience in Flutter or Dart and launching it at Mobile World Congress 2019in Barcelona.

- Flutter’s Cupertino Package for iOS devs — Flutter In Focus

In this video, Andrew dives into the Flutter Cupertino widget package. The Cupertino package is built and maintained by the Flutter team and it ships with the SDK — if you’ve got Flutter on your machine, you’ve got Cupertino. Learn how you can use Cupertino to write apps that iOS users feel right at home with.

- Flutter Animation — Radial Menu at 60FPS

Animate a complex radial menu 🥞 in Flutter at can translate, scale, and rotate at 60 FPS

- A Design Pattern for Flutter

A closer look at a design pattern for Flutter apps.

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