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FlutterForce — #Week 160

- stockholm

Stockholm is a collection of desktop-first widgets and themes designed to look and feel great on Mac and Windows. The widgets are familiar enough to be comfortable to use on any platform but avoid the uncanny valley by not aiming to replicate the native components exactly.

- etch

A Simplified, Declarative Implementation Of CustomPaint For Flutter

- Flame Engine, the Game Engine built on top of Flutter

Flame is a game engine built on top of Flutter. In this video I will make a quick introduction to it, showing what can be done with it and giving a quickstart tutorial guide to quickly set up a project and move things around.

- Why is Flutter Fast?

In this series, we will have a deep dive into the Flutter framework, and answer the question “Why Flutter is Fast” in three articles. by Cagatay Ulusoy

- How to Generate and Analyze a Flutter Test Coverage Report in VSCode

If you’re writing non-trivial apps, adding automated tests is one of the best investments you can make.

Automated tests help you write better code, catch regressions early, and refactor confidently. They even save you a lot of time compared to testing your app manually, over and over. 😱

And with Flutter, it is easy to generate and visualize test coverage for your entire app or package, all the way down to each line of code in your project.

- GraphQL Flutter Hooks!

We’ve just released version 5.1.0 of GraphQL and GraphQL Flutter, and we’re pretty stoked about it! The release contains fixes to a few long-standing issues, including proper handling of network policies and upgrading dependencies to support the latest version of analyzer, but today I’ll talk about a large rewrite of GraphQL Flutter which we hope will improve developer experience significantly. by Christian Budde Christensen

- zwidget

ZWidget creates a 3D-like visual by stacking widgets one above the other and transforming them adequately.

- How to seamlessly integrate Flutter apps in Windows

Developing an application in Flutter for Windows has been declared stable and production-ready by version 2.10 announced on February 3rd by Chris Sells, where he talks about improvements for text handling, keyboard handling, and keyboard shortcuts. There is also an in-depth by Tim Sneath dedicated to Windows. Now let’s which packages you can use to seamlessly integrate a Flutter app into Windows.

- What tests do you need for your Flutter application ?

In this article, I gathered all the knowledge I acquired through books, slacks, and my professional experiences to provide you with what I found was the best testing strategy when it comes to building Flutter applications.

- Hero Animations in Flutter

Some time ago I posted a video on Twitter showing the image transitions in StoryArk and mentioned how they can be hard to get working right in Flutter. In this post I want to dig a bit deeper into the technicals.

- TDD in Flutter — Special: Golden tests with Alchemist 🧙🏼

One of the subjects covered was “Golden Testing” with an example made using the package golden_toolkit. It is a great package to perform snapshot comparisons in your tests but, it has one major caveat which was the non consistency between the generated files depending on the platform used. by Guillaume Roux

- How to add a Liquid Swipe transition effect in Flutter?

In today’s article, we will see how you can add a cool swipe animation effect when transitioning from one page to another. You can use this in your onboarding screens or auth screens or wherever you wish to. So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

- From nothing to MVP in 12 weeks using Flutter

In the fall of 2021, we had the opportunity to bring our idea for Metriport to life using Flutter/Dart. If you haven’t heard of it already, Metriport is a privacy-focused personal wellness app available on iOS and Android that helps you quantify your life and gain actionable insights into your wellbeing.

When we started building Metriport, we knew nothing about Flutter. Despite this, we were able to design, develop, and launch the MVP for our product from scratch in about 12 weeks. We learned quite a bit along the way, and wanted to share our journey with anybody curious as to how we did it!

- Very Good CLI — A Very Good Starter Project Generator for Flutter

As you create new Flutter projects, it can be hard to know how to structure your project. How do you structure your applications? Is there a standard way to use the prerequisites? What are the best practices?

- multiple_circle_chart

Pie charts can be animated for 100% or more. The bar graph is a graph that overlaps at the specified position.

- Flutter Airline App

App where you can learn everything you need to know about your next journey and how to make it safe, hassle-free, and on budget. It has information on your scheduled flights, reward miles, best hotel deals, and more.

- Migrating an app with 250M+ players to Flutter

Lotum is the company behind the popular word game, 4 Pics 1 Word. See how Flutter not only helped to speed up the development process at Lotum but did so without impacting app usage or revenue.

- audio_waveforms

Use this plugin to generate waveforms while recording audio in any file formats supported by given encoders. We can use gestures to scroll through the waveforms and also style waveforms.

- StatefulBuilder (Widget of the Week)

Want the perks of a separate widget without doing much of the work? Try StatefulBuilder!

- Understanding Flutter Navigator 2.0

This Flutter Navigator 2.0 tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of Dart and Flutter.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.



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