FlutterForce — #Week 161

Ümit Duran
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4 min readApr 17, 2022


- Integrating Dart’s Build Runner with VSCode

Given the scope of the 3rd party libraries of above and the reason why we need to generate code in Dart, we can safely assume that you will have to use build_runner one day, one way or another.

- Data layer in Flutter V2 | Use the Repository Pattern to keep a local copy of your API data

In this article I am going to do the same implementation but applying some improvements, making use of more packages and plugins to reduce the amount of code necessary to achieve my goal.

- MaterialStateProperties | Decoding Flutter

Looking to better understand Flutter’s new MaterialStateProperty class? Look no further!

- sliding_clipped_nav_bar

Bottom Navigation Bar with sliding menu icon and text with clipping effect, it also has ripple effect when tapped.

- Build a Flutter Note App using Firebase

Hello Everyone, in this video I’m going to show you how to build a note-taking app using Flutter and Firebase Firestore database.

- Flutter: Up your testing game

Today we going to look at a great utility provided by Flutter’s testing framework which gives us a lot more power when it comes to accurately testing our widgets. by Reme Le Hane

- RepaintBoundary (Widget of the Week)

Want to make sure calling setState doesn’t force neighboring widgets to unnecessarily repaint? Add RepaintBoundary to your app!

- BlocObserver: Debug and Observe your Bloc Easily

Learn how to observe a bloc by simply overriding `onChange`, `onTransition`, `onEvent`, `onError` methods.

- Demystifying Flutter Bindings

The glue between your code and the framework by Denis Crăciunescu

- custom_pin_screen

A flutter package to add screens with custom keyboards and pins to your mobile application.

- How to implement GraphQL with Flutter + GraphQL example

Jahswill Essien explains in this article everything you need to know about GraphQL.

- Reverse engineering Flutter apps

This framework helps with Flutter apps reverse engineering using the patched version of the Flutter library which is already compiled and ready for app repacking. This library has snapshot deserialization process modified to allow you perform dynamic analysis in a convenient way.

- Flutter Clean Architecture Series — Part 1

Well, luckily we are gonna be explaining and building a simple News App that gets its data from REST API and also caches the data locally in the devices. It’s a lot of work, patience and focusing on how we will implement each part of the app in a very pretty clean way.. and the final results will be awesome.

I’ve separated the entire article into 3 parts, and what this part will explain is what tools/libraries we are gonna be using, the folder structure, different data sources, setup the project, and the main architecture. by AbdulMuaz Aqeel

Thanks for reading!

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