FlutterForce — #Week 162

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4 min readMay 1, 2022


- Build A Text Editor with Flutter UI under 1000 Lines of Code

Build a cross platform text editor under 1000 lines of code. by Marvin Sanchez

- state_machine_bloc

state_machine_bloc is an extension to the bloc state management library which provide a StateMachine utility class to create finite-states machines based blocs.

- Simulating bacterial growth

Bacterial growth is the classic real-world example of exponential growth. It’s a good visual analogy for this complex topic. Let’s try and implement this in Flutter.

- Biometric authentication with Flutter

What is biometric authentication? Well, it’s that simple but powerful magic that enables us to authorize some actions on our app using only a finger or watching the display. by Carlo Loguercio

- unusable_player

Unusable Player is a flutter music player based on just_audio package. It’s a portfolio project, it’s not meant to be used in real life. Its focuses on visuals instead of usability and performance, that’s why the project is called “Unusable Player”.

- Creating the future of spreadsheets with Flutter

Rows is a next generation spreadsheet focusing on performance and collaboration. Watch the video to learn how Flutter is helping them bring their beautiful vision to users on every platform.

- Adaptive and Responsive! Simple practical guide

Both concepts are very important in the development of interfaces and their meaning is often confused or misinterpreted, in this article a definition will be given first, and then concrete examples will be presented to distinguish the two cases.

- SpriteWidget

SpriteWidget is a toolkit for building complex, high performance animations and 2D games with Flutter. Your sprite render tree lives inside a widget that mixes seamlessly with other Flutter and Material widgets.

- meta_validator

A tidy utility to handle validation of strings like a pro. It provides support for both iOS, Android, Web, Linux platforms (offcourse).

- How to deploy your Flutter App to Firebase App Distribution using GitHub Actions — Android

Firebase App Distribution is a great way to distribute your apps efficiently to your testers without making your app validated by Google or Apple.

But it can be even more powerful to automatically deploy your app each time you are making a change to your code so that you can test your app even more frequently.

- Use GraphQL Codegen to reduce boilerplate code

When I introduced GraphQL Codegen last year I did so through two articles. One article outlined the motivations behind the library and how it could be used to structure your GraphQL apps in a maintainable way, the other was a deep dive covering the code-generation algorithm. by Christian Budde Christensen

- How to Define A Flutter Theme?

In this short blog series, we will define a global theme for our applications. We’ll mainly work on two aspects colors and fonts.

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