FlutterForce — #Week 18

- Flutter Pie Chart with disc animation

This Flutter package provides a Pie Chart Widget with cool animation.

- Breaking down TikTok’s UI using Flutter

In this tutorial we’ll be going through the mental process of breaking down a UI using TikTok as an example :) from Dane Mackier

- How to create a full Piano 🎹 with Flutter 😎

A Crossplatform Midi Piano built with Flutter.io. from Rody Davis. All detail
in here

- Flutter State Management — The Grand Tour

Take a tour of ten awesome state management techniques in Flutter. Learn how to control the flow of data when building complex large-scale mobile apps with RxDart, BLoC, and more

- Flutter Ready to Go (flavors, connectivity and more)

The idea behind this article is to present you guys and girls a project that might be usefull as a basic organization architecture with lots of resources that are used on real development on Flutter, taking into consideration a more professional approach during development, mainly to work in a team environment. Therefore, it would take a simple fork and some adaptations to use it in any project. So, let’s just get to the point.

- Flutter Adidas Shoes Ecommerce App UI — Speed Code

- Flutter Tutorial — Flutter Google Maps

In this video, you will see how to integrate google maps in your flutter application using google_maps_flutter plugin .

- Flutter’s Key Difference: Owning Every Pixel

There’s been plenty of comparing Flutter with other cross-platform mobile frameworks. But the key difference is often overlooked or downplayed.

Flutter owns every pixel on the screen. from Tom Gilder

- Vim commands for Flutter

Vim commands for Flutter, including hot-reload-on-save and more.

- Implementation of custom dialog in Flutter

I have been experimenting with flutter for a while and I stumbled a lot of times making custom widgets from designs for apps. Though flutter is incredibly easy to make UI components, you have to go through a lot of experimental process to get what we want. In this blog I am gonna simplify and show how make a custom dialog by break down every part of it. So lets get started! from Venkatesh Prasad V M

- Inspecting HTTP requests in Flutter

Mobile application development comes often with HTTP requests. We must handle connection with external resources by doing HTTP calls and waiting for responses. When our application is getting bigger, we are using more and more requests. There is always chance that HTTP connection may fail, and we’ll want to know what was wrong. from Jakub Homlala

- Chris Sells | It’s All Widgets! Flutter Podcast

Before joining Google, Chris was a contributing member of the Windows developer community for more than 20 years, including 3 years at Intel and 8 years at Microsoft. He’s written a number of books in this area and still maintains a blog that he started in 1995 about his various technical adventures, although he’s more active on Twitter these days. At Google, Chris is the Product Manager responsible for the Flutter developer experience.

- Building a Flutter Speech to Text/Speech Recognizer Application

In this Flutter Video, we take a look at how to build a Speech to Text application. This includes setting up the plugin to pass messages back and forth between the platforms.

- Simple And Bug-Free Code With Dart Operators

This article is the first in a series of articles dedicated to understanding the Dart language better and using it more efficiently. from Deven Joshi

- Introducing UI2CODE: An Automatic Flutter UI Code Generator

With the help of AI, Alibaba’s Xianyu tech team is advancing an intelligent tool that renders visual UI design as Flutter code with 100 percent accuracy

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