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FlutterForce — #Week 25

- #Hack19 — International Flutter Hackathon — Saturday, June 1st 2019

oin us on Saturday, June 1st 2019 for the first ever all-day International Flutter™ Hackathon organised by over 2 dozen communities worldwide.

Join a team of 2–5 fellow developers at your location to build something amazing in #Flutter and (maybe even) Hummingbird. At the end of the event, all participants will vote on their favorite projects and the winners will receive prizes and bragging rights 😎 ✌️

- Easy parallax effect in PageView — UI Tickets Challenge

Parallax effects are awesome. Having elements move in the different speed during scrolling can easily provide the unique feeling for the application and they can make the user think that your app is well-polished. In this post, I will try to achieve parallax effect using PageView, Transforms, Alignments and some basic math. To show you how to do that, I picked the Buy Tickets design from dribbble created by Dldp. Let’s do it!

- Flutter Drag & Drop for Two-Year-Olds

Build a drag & drop 🖖 UI in the form of a simple color-matching kid’s game. Master the basics of Flutter’s Draggable and DragTarget widgets

- TutorialCoachMark

Guide that helps you to present your app and its features in a beautiful, simple and customizable way.

- Responsive UI using Flutter SDK | Android & iOS

#ResponsiveUI A working example for showcasing how the responsive UI can be created using the Flutter SDK. Without giving height, width for a container, we can create a highly responsive UI for any screen size and any platform.

- Testing Flutter Apps — Making Sure Your Code Works (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 21)

In this episode of the Boring Show, Filip and guest Anthony go over how to test your Flutter apps before publishing it and the different types of automated testing: unit, widget, and integration.

- Flutter ARCore Tutorial | Sceneform | Exploring New Possibilities

In this video, I will explain new possibilities like ARCore. ARCore is a library for Augmented Reality made by Google.

- Creating a note-taking app in Flutter/Dart

Flutter is an open source cross-platform mobile development framework developed by Google. Apps for which are written in Dart. Flutter comes pre-equipped with Material Design components which makes it easy to create apps with good looks and feels to it. In Flutter everything is a Widget of either stateless or stateful. A note-taking app is something to start with, with a usable design and functionalities. from Jay Naik

- Payments in Flutter with Square and NodeJS

Recently, I watched the Boring Flutter Development Show on YouTube where Emily and the guest, Shannon Skipper from Square, walked us through the process of adding In-App Payments using Square in Flutter. You can watch the video here. I have worked with Stripe payments before in Flutter but since there is no official Stripe plugin for Flutter yet, it was tough to get the app PCI Compliant and ensure that the user’s confidential information is completely safe. There are a few Stripe plugins available but they are also pretty limited as of now and I was not happy with any one of them but yes they do the job. from Samarth Agarwal

- Draggable (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Use Draggable to move and drag your widgets around. You can use it to build UIs for swapping around email addresses in an email or documents to a new folder.

- Continuous integration and delivery for Flutter with Firebase

In the latest Stack Overflow developer survey, Firebase was among the most loved technologies in the database area. In the case you are new to Firebase, it’s a cloud-based service provided by Google to enhance mobile app development. Firebase takes the load of managing the in-house mobile application infrastructure

- Fully-customizable and clean analog clock widget for Flutter ⏰

Clean and fully customizable analog clock widget.

- Introducing var_widget, a new state management scheme for flutter

It’s a new state management scheme based for special but common cases.

- Flutter: Shared Preferences In 5 Minutes | Data Persistence

Let’s learn how to trigger something to happen on our third startup of our app. To do that we will use Shared_preferences which is a plugin to store non trivial data!

- Facebook messenger UI in Flutter.

I have tried to create Facebook messenger UI in Flutter, but how I choose a design to develop UI?

Facebook messenger was installed on my smartphone I captured the screenshot and developed in Flutter.

- How to add music / audio to your Flutter app

Following the Flutter Create challenge, I thought it would be a create time for reflection and share knowledge about some of the challenges I faced and how I solved these challenge. One of these was adding music to my app. from Mark O'Sullivan

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.




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