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FlutterForce — #Week 26

- Google I/O 2019 — Flutter Recap!

Google I/O 2019 is completed. Do you wanna learn what’s new about Flutter? You can read this article

- Pokemon Wiki App made with Flutter

Pokemon Wiki app written by Flutter. Used Flare for animations. Great source from Merve Arslan

- Flutter for web (preview) goes public

This repository contains the source code for a fork of Flutter that targets the web.

- Announcing Dart 2.3: Optimized for building user interfaces

Announced the stable release of the Dart 2.3 SDK, with new language features that improve your coding experience when developing user interfaces, new tooling support for developing Flutter UI, and two new websites: dart.dev & pub.dev.

- The Flutter Create winners are…

Flutter Create is a contest that challenges you to build something interesting, inspiring, and beautiful with Flutter using 5KB or less of Dart code. You can see the all codes of winners and all projects.

- Pragmatic State Management in Flutter (Google I/O’19)

Declarative UI frameworks eliminate whole classes of bugs. But they can also be a puzzle until you figure out how to structure your app logic around them. Walk through Flutter’s app with live data and see how to structure content in a simple yet scalable way. You’ll come out understanding the main approaches of state management in declarative frameworks and have a concrete applicable solution.

- Announcing Flutter 1.5

With Google I/O 2019 just around the corner, we’re pleased to announce the availability of our new stable build, Flutter 1.5. With 336 contributors world-wide and more than 1,700 commits, this is our biggest release yet! With this release, we continue to focus on quality and stability, fixing the highest impact issues submitted by the community while continuing to follow the Flutter 2019 Roadmap. from Chris Sells

- Beyond Mobile: Material Design, Adaptable UIs, and Flutter (Google I/O’19)

The Material Components library has grown since Flutter’s launch. Learn what’s new, how to use it with our iOS Design Language library Cupertino, and how to apply it across varying screen sizes, interaction models, and viewing distances.

- Flutter for Web : Create and Deploy a Website from Scratch

The project, which was code named Hummingbird, has finally seen the light of the day, with Google announcing the first technical preview of Flutter for Web. This amazing implementation allows us to create Flutter apps, and compile it to a standards-web project, with just a few commands. In this article, we will go through the implementation of Flutter on the Web, from scratch. from Ayush Shekhar

- Flutter Developer Quest Game at Google I/O 2019

Today, as part of Google I/O 2019, we’re excited to release Flutter Developer Quest, a game built entirely in Flutter! The game is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. It’s also open source, so feel free to check out all the code on GitHub. from Guido Rosso

- Performance testing of Flutter apps

The Flutter framework does a good job being fast by default, but does that mean you don’t need to think about performance at all? No. It is absolutely possible to write Flutter apps that are slow. On the other hand, it is also possible to make the most of the framework, and make your apps not only fast, but also efficient, consuming less CPU time and battery. from Filip Hracek

- Mixins and Base Classes : A recipe for success in Flutter

When developing an app with multiple screens, we tend to reuse the same piece of code over many classes: showing error messages, using the same page layout and wiring up some dependencies like for example a Bloc from Gonçalo Palma. For more details :

- Wallpaper App made with Flutter

Wallpaper App made with Flutter with Dynamic Theming.

- AnimatedList (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Use AnimatedList to make your lists more dynamic. You can use it to animate your lists when inserting or removing items.

- Flutter architecture series — part 1

This is part 1 of a multi-part series on full-stack flutter architecture, from backend, to web admin, to native IOS and Android apps, to automated deployment, utilising a small sample application.

- Options to Animate in Flutter

Animations in Flutter is really easy and awesome. Ohh! you know this? That’s great then I am sure that while searching for animations in Flutter you must have seen various ways to do it. In this article, I am going to show you some of the options to animate in Flutter. from Pinkesh Darji

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