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FlutterForce — #Week 27

- Reflectly — From mobile to web in less than 4 beers

Learning HTML (How To Maintain Less code) with Flutter for Web. Our initial goal was to implement basic account functionality with support for payments and discount codes. This would improve the experience for new users signing up via referral links. The long-term plan was to have a 100% feature parity with our existing mobile app. from Iiro Krankka

- Quick Actions in Flutter

As a developer, you can define shortcuts to perform specific actions in your app. These shortcuts can be displayed in a supported launcher and help your users quickly start common or recommended tasks within your app. from Subir Chakraborty

- Flutter Provider — Advanced Firebase Data Management

Learn how to use the Provider package to simplify data flow in your #flutter app and react to #firebase realtime streams across the entire widget tree.

- Not a nonsense example of a web application with Flutter and Dart.

One week ago Google presented Flutter for web. This week I had a few hours to build a simple but not a nonsense web application, deploy to Github pages and even use Codemagic CI/CD. from Sasha Prokhorenko

- Shifting Menu & Dashboard | Flutter SDK

- Flutter for Desktop: Create and Run a Desktop Application

Google I/O 2019 was about innovation, and for Flutter it was about going beyond mobile apps. The technical preview for Flutter Web was released, and a live demonstration showed how Flutter apps can run on Desktop environments, like Chrome OS, Linux, Mac OS, or Windows. In this article we will go through the process of running a new or an existing Flutter application on a Desktop environment. from Ayush Shekhar

- Flutter For Web: Getting Started | Migrating PokemonApp to Web

In this video, I will explain how to get started with Flutter For Web and we will also migrate our pokemon app to the web using Flutter.

- A Beginners Guide to Styling Text in Flutter

Text is a very important part of any mobile app UI. In this guide I’ll go over all the ways text can be modified in Flutter and applying global text themes.

- Android Dark Theme in Flutter

A week ago at Google I/O 2019, the Android team announced support in Android Q for Dark Theme, a system-wide dark UI mode that is toggled by the user. This then begs the question, when will Flutter add support for this awesome new Android feature? Well, you might be surprised to find out that Flutter added support for dark theme back in February! Here’s how to use it. from Matt Carroll

- Flutter profiles in VSCode (Product flavors)

VSCode provides a simple way to create and run your custom Flutter configurations. We could add configurations for the default Flutter run builds for debug, profile and release, but imagine having different product flavors like a free and a pro version. from Jonas De Vrient

- Flutter for Web — Migrate Your Mobile App + Basics

Flutter for the web is finally here and I’m sure that all the developers who’ve played with Flutter are very excited to see it finally reach the light of the world. While Flutter for the web is still in a technical preview, which brings a couple of caveats, that doesn’t stop you from learning how to work with it.

- Running AutoML Models with Flutter — AutoML Vision Edge

This year, AI took centerstage at Google Next and Google I/O, in line with a company-wide effort to make “AI for Everyone”. A major takeaway from the conferences was the focus on edge computing. Traditionally, hardware limitations have made this too prohibitive. With advancements in ML greatly reducing model sizes, and devices gaining compute power, this is now within our reach. from Rishab Nayak

- Flexible (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Use Flexible for resizing your widgets in rows and columns. You can use it to adjust how much space different child widgets take up relative to their parent widgets.

- A Guide to Using ScreenSize In Flutter — A More Readable Approach

Getting the screen size in Flutter is trivial, and not verbose (for the most part).

- Ins and Outs of Flutter Web

Last year at Flutter Live, the team announced to the world that they were working on bringing Flutter to the web. Earlier this week at Google IO, the Technical Preview of Flutter Web (formally called Humming Bird) was made publicly available to developers for testing. from Nash

- Flutter Weekly app is now available on Google Play

Are you a fan of Flutter? Are you subscribed to Flutter Weekly? This app contains all links send to Flutter Weekly mailing list for your convenience, so you can search through all articles, videos and libraries published and save your favorites apart.

- Flutter web and MYSQL Blog website

This is going to be the first video on a short playlist where we are going to build a blog using Mysql and Flutter web

- Create a command line app with dart

Dart is a great ‘new’ programming language. I really love it to use with Flutter, I never tried it with Angular, but I know developers who have done this and they said me the same. But we can use Dart 🎯 for building command line apps too. So let’s try it 🤤 from Marvin Knabe

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