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FlutterForce — #Week 32

- A notes taking app written in Flutter

An elegant notes taking app written in Flutter that uses sqflite for storage.

- Flutter Platform Inputs : Access native text fields from Flutter

Flutter Platform Inputs : Access native text fields from Flutter. Use familar Flutter widget syntax to create native platform text fields to access native features such as password autofill. Early work in progress, currently only supports iOS.

- A simple to use and powerful styling widget inspired by CSS syntax.

A simple to use yet powerfull styling widget with syntax inspired by CSS.

- AspectRatio (Flutter Widget of the Week)

The AspectRatio widget can be used to adjust the aspect ratio of widgets in your app. Use it to keep the ratio of your widget’s width and height consistent when changing dimensions.

- Migrate your Flutter App to Flutter Web

Recently Google released the technical preview of Flutter Web, an extension to Flutter for the modern web. So what does this mean? It means that now it’s possible to have one single code base for Android, iOS and the Web. Since Flutter is built using Dart, which includes production-quality compilers for both native machine code and JavaScript, web support was just a matter of time. from Suchandrim Sarkar

- The real reasons why you should care about Provider

The package “provider” got featured in the latest Google… But what is “provider”? At first glance, the package doesn’t do much. But that’s a mistake. Together we’re going to see why, despite its small size, “provider” is critical to state-management.

- Dart Futures — Flutter in Focus

This is the second video in the Flutter in Focus series on asynchronous coding in Dart. In this episode, learn everything about Future objects, Dart’s most basic API for async, including how to handle data, catch errors, and put futures to work building Flutter widgets with FutureBuilder.

- Easily implement ads into a Flutter app

This package will utilize the plugin, firebase_admob, so to quickly and easily implement ads into a Flutter app.

- Build a Flutter Lifecycle Manager to Stop and Start your Services

Something that’s been brought up recently was the question about how to stop services when the app goes into the background. This post will show you how to handle all that in one place in an extendable way. We’ll be using the WidgetsBindingObserver to listen to the AppLifecycleState and call stop/start on our services.

- Flutter Devlog: Project Startup #3 | Notifications 🔔

- Your own Notebook page using CustomPaint in Flutter

It is possible that sometimes the designer may give you to develop UI component that is not already developed/coded before and force you to think on how to proceed for developing it. You can consider it as a challenge for yourself. Fortunately, Flutter helps you a lot in overcoming such a challenge. from Pinkesh Darji

- Setting Your Splash Screen in Flutter

Today we’ll cover how to setup your splash screen in Flutter. If you’ve done it for a native project then it’s all the same so you can skip this tutorials :) We’ll make the splash look like this.

- Developing Web Apps Using Flutter | Flutter for Web

Google IO earlier this month, Flutter for Web was made public as Technical Preview aiming to build highly interactive and graphics-rich content for the web. While releasing Flutter 1.0 on Dec’18 the Flutter team disclosed their further plan and goals in Flutter which involves making Flutter build apps for web and can be read from their Roadmap. from Aditya Syal

- Let’s dive into Flutter for Web!

- Splash Screen and Intro Animation using Flare in Flutter

- Top picks for Flutter devs from droidcon Berlin

Conferences are cool. The droidcon conference is really cool! Hundreds of top-notch tech talks, workshops & codelabs, best-in-class speakers from all around the world.

- A year of Flutter Community

A look back at the first year of the Flutter Community by Nash Ramdial and Jay (Jeroen) Meijer

- Caching Bloc State with “hydrated_bloc”

Hey everyone! In this tutorial, we’re going to give the Weather App we made an upgrade. Instead of always having to start from scratch and enter a city, we’re going to cache the bloc state so that we end up with the following from Felix Angelov

- More than a Flutter Web App, is a full Flutter WebSite!

This journey started with my Flutter Game for mobile, which added Desktop support and then, Flutter Web support (so excited!). from Mariano Zorrilla

Thanks for reading!

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