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FlutterForce — #Week 39

- Bringing PC Games to Mobile with Flutter

Rainway is a game streaming app that lets you play the games on your home computer, anywhere. A personal Netflix for your game library, if you will.

We’re actively expanding to new platforms. In March 2019, we knew the next step was building iOS and Android apps, but we lacked the engineers to build both side-by-side.

- Must-have VS Code extensions for working with Flutter

Mobile app development is hard and time-consuming enough for us developers to waste time on importing libraries or having to reformat a dart file manually.
In this article we’ll take a look at some VS Code extensions that can greatly improve our workflow and help us reduce the time we waste on boring and repetitive tasks that, added together, take up a lot of our time and productivity.
from Daniele Cambi

- Made a ridiculous TiltableStack widget

- A Deep Dive into Flutter: The 22nd Century Frontend Framework

We are in a time where it’s necessary to develop in both mobile and web for your software. However, maintaining three different codebases for iOS, Android, and Web development results in immense time strain when in most cases you are developing the exact same solution. This has lead to the rise in cross-platform development tools that have traditionally used Javascript to develop apps that utilize Web Views to give native-esque experience. However, a relatively new player which came out of beta earlier this year is Google’s Flutter Framework. from Prad Nukala

- Visual Studio Code Shortcuts for Fast and Efficient Flutter Development

It is a well known fact that keyboard shortcuts can help us a lot while developing, especially when you have a lot of code to go through and you have to find the opening and closing brackets or insert a new widget or remove one. Time is precious and I find these shortcuts help me a lot in coding in flutter. from Ganesh .s.p

- Beginners Guide to Creating a Search Results Layout Page with Animated Transition Using the Hero Widget

In this video we’ll update the first page of our new trip process to display recommended location cards as well as a search field which will later return the data to populate the result cards. Along the way, we’ll create a custom reusable diver widget and also use the hero transition when moving between pages.

- Building a simple application with Flutter and GraphQL

Flutter is an SDK (Software development kit) to build applications for Android and IOs with a single codebase. On the other hand, GraphQL is a query language that allows us to create queries that will be executing on the server. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to build a simple CRUD with Flutter (client-side) and GraphQL (server-side). Let’s start from Daniel Berrío Barrera

- Flutter Rating Bar

A simple rating bar for flutter which also include a rating bar indicator, supporting any fraction of rating.

- [From Android dev] Flutter looks good, but is painful. Here are my frustrations with it

Every native Android developer loves to throw some fire at Flutter, from the fact it has currently over 7 thousand open issues in GitHub to comparisons with Adobe Flash. Well, after a lot of frustration in multi-platform development, I decided to learn it and see if it would really make my life easier. I was really tired of users complaining I don’t make apps for iOS and Flutter will soon work with the web, so you can’t beat that. from Bernardo Ferrari

- Thinking Flutter

Thinking logic can often be tough and frustrating 😦.

It can be about anything : UI Design, Escaping FriendZone, Better UX, Proposing your crush, Better Code Architecture, Dumping your partner, or simple data retrieval from Firebase. from Pratik Jain

- Implementing AdMob adverts in Flutter applications — Joe Birch

In many applications that we build we want to offer some way to monetize the product. Be it through in-app purchases, subscriptions or even advertisements — these all provide a way for developers to monetize their application. We’ve long experienced, or implemented, ads through our Android and iOS applications, and now that we’re building Flutter apps we want to be able to do the same here too. In this article we’re going to explore the in-app advertisement capabilities when it comes to Flutter and learn how to implement these within our own apps.

- Implement dark mode using flutter provider

Assuming that you have a basic understanding of how apps are built using flutter framework , lets get to work from SHARON ZACHARIA

- AnimatedPadding (Flutter Widget of the Week)

AnimatedPadding is a great way to provide smooth buffers and spaces between widgets and screen borders. Use this to dynamically change the padding of the widget and have it animate between the two values.

- Flutter — Firebase Realtime Database CRUD Operations Using Provider

In this article, I will be showing how to set up and build a CRUD app using Firebase and a state management package called Provider that was announced by the Flutter team at Google I/O 2019. from Mohamed Hassan Kadri

- A generally good read for those interested in some of the architectural theory behind Flutter

- Using Pusher in Flutter

Pusher is a hosted service for providing real-time data and functionality to your mobile and web apps easily. The project that I now working is using Pusher, and while searching for what’s Pusher, I’ve came across a Flutter package. The package is working fine and I’m glad I find it so quick. Thanks to Flutter community and HomeXlabs. from Mirkan

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