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FlutterForce — #Week 41

- Flutter ShowCaseView package

ShowCaseView is an elegant and simple package. It let’s you use an informative tooltip to help your users identify different features of your application and app on-boarding. The basic use of the package consists of a target element passed as input which will be highlighted over a translucent background and pointed out by a tooltip. Even you can pass your custom widget in ShowCaseView from Devarsh Ranpara

- Hive vs SQLite vs SharedPreferences benchmark

Hive is a lightweight and blazing fast key-value store written in pure Dart. Inspired by Bitcask.

- Blaise — Open Source Cryptocurrency Wallet Developed with Flutter!

Blaise is a cross-platform mobile wallet for the PASCAL cryptocurrency. It is written in Dart using Flutter.

- FlutterUI — Animated Toggle Button

- Flutter Widget Livebook : A website built using Flutter for web

Flutter Widget Livebook is a website built with Flutter for web to live preview widget samples online.

- Unity3D in Flutter

- Getting Started With Flutter Desktop

In this video, we create our very first desktop application in dart language using flutter.

- Building a Calculator App in Flutter

In this article, we’ll look at how to design and build a simple calculator application with Dart and Flutter. The excellent features available in the Dart language and Flutter SDK provide the modern developer with a great toolkit for quickly trying new ideas and building high performance applications.

This basic calculator app will combine a simple user interface, a few standard operations and functions, and an output to display the result, so it makes a great starter application or template for another similar basic app design. from Kenneth Reilly

- Semantics (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Flutter’s Semantics widget can annotate an app’s UI with information about the meaning of other widgets. It has almost fifty properties you can use to provide descriptions, metadata and more to screen readers and other semantic analysis-based tools. Learn about some of the available properties and start using Semantics in your app today!

- Dart Fundamentals — Mixins

Dart mixins are a wonderful language feature that can help you reuse code across classes. In this article we will explore Dart mixins with a working example. In our example we will build several different super heroes and they’ll get their super powers according to what mixins they are given. Since our super powers will be implemented in the mixin we won’t have to re-code it for each super heroe. This is the power of mixins.

- 60 Days of Flutter : Day 6–7 : Implementing a Slideable Widget Using Bottomsheet in Flutter

In last post we touched upon Widget Testing with Flutter. Today we will build a page which will list all the conversations. This Page/Widget essentially, will slide up from the bottom when you swipe up on the InputWidget from Aditya Gurjar

- Simplify Flutter State Management with Provider and BLoC

Nowadays, Flutter becomes popular since cross-platform application becomes a trend. Many developers choose Flutter as a solution for developing application quickly and high efficiency. And I am not an exception.

Begin with Flutter, I’m sure that you will be confused because there are a lot of patterns and libraries for state management: BLoC Architecture, MobX, ScopedModel, Redux, Provider, from An Lam

- Building a radar chart with Flutter and Custom Painter

Using charts in mobile applications is generally a great approach when trying to present data in small layouts. They can convey important patterns and trends hidden in the data, while providing some eye candy to your users. from Dan Panaite

- Brian Egan — Flutter Coffee-table Berlin 2019

In this interview with Brian “Beard Man” Egan, we talk about his developer life, contributions to Flutter’s state management landscape and the work he’s doing with the Flutter team.

- Build Your Own Google Search with Flutter for web (In just 3 Simple Steps)

It’s always a privilege to help you upgrade your skillset through my write-ups and tutelage.

Before the end of this writeup, you will learn how to build a Google Search User Interface (UI) using flutter. from Promise Nzubechi Amadi

Thanks for reading!

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