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FlutterForce — #Week 43

- Panache

Panache, is a Flutter material theme editor in your browser.

- Finished! Porting a 75,000 line native iOS app to Flutter

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a business in possession of a good mobile app, must be in want of an iOS and Android version. Business logic, implemented once, wrapped in a quick, native feeling user interface is what most businesses want. from Gary Hunter

- You can now import Lottie files into [Flare at 2Dimensions]

Huge news for designers: you can now import Lottie files into an editable, Flutter-optimized format.

- Flutter team has a new process that makes design docs public

Structure for add2app samples

- An open-source GitHub Flutter client app

An open-source GitHub Flutter client app.

- Flutter Onboarding UI | Speed Code

- Why I moved to Flutter for Chromatic’s Social Radio App Development

For those of you who have had the struggle of developing apps for both Android and iOS you know the enormous pain in dealing with two code bases in two different languages (four if you count Objective-C and Java). Enter Flutter. from Sam Tarantino

- A Showcase for Passionate Flutter Developers | Flutter Pro

A Showcase for Passionate Flutter Developers. Profiles are sourced from FlutterX, Flutter Events and It’s All Widgets!

- Build Your Responsive Flutter Layout like A Pro

Your days of experiencing deadends when it comes to working on an engaging layout as a software developer are over.

In this write-up, you will learn how to build a hitch-free and adaptive layout with Flutter.

As part of the tools for this writeup, you are going to use a flutter package called responsive_grid. from Promise Nzubechi Amadi

- Stack (Flutter Widget of the Week)

If you’ve ever wanted overlapping elements, then Stack is the widget for you! Stack allows you to overlay multiple widgets on top of each other. For example, you can use a Stack to add text over an image.

- Flutter: Unblocking UI thread with Isolates compute function

n this post I will show you, how to use compute function from the Flutter framework to push CPU-heavy computation from main thread (which does the UI stuff) to another thread. This will unlock the main thread and your application will be responsive, while the app is still calculating something in the background.

- Flutter tutorial: Plant Shop UI

Are you a fan of plants? Because today we will replicate a minimalist Plant shop UI that looks really great.

You may want to get the source code from Github in order to follow along.

Now that you have the code it could be the right time to head to my BuyMeACoffee Page.

Now that you proved how generous you are, we can get started!


- Flutter For Web: A Complete Guide to Deploy a Web Application

Flutter was first announced at Google I/O in May 2017 with an alpha toolkit and in 2018 at Google I/O, it finally hit version 1.0 with a future new product, called HummingBird. We were all excited and could not wait for its release date and on May 7th 2019 at Google IO 2019, Google finally announced the availability of the Flutter for Web preview version. from Zubair Rehman

- Slivers Deep Dive Series: Introduction to Slivers and SliverAppBar

One of the common scenarios in app development is, to show a set of data as a scrollable view. With Flutter, to achieve this, you can simply use a ListView if you would like to have your data represented as a linear array along the main axis. If you would like to have multiple children in a two-dimensional arrangement, then your go-to widget is GridView. from Muhammed Salih Guler

- How to build a native cross platform project with Flutter

Up to now you have been able to create projects with Flutter that run on iOS/Android, Web and Desktop but only sharing pure dart plugins. from Rody Davis

- Flutter Crash Course — 6 — Networking Basics

Until now you have been working with static data. Let’s switch up the gears and bring some “real” data from the internet. In this tutorial you will learn how to make network calls in a flutter application. I assume you have basic understanding of http. You will make GET and POST requests in this tutorial.

- Manage Connectivity In Your Flutter App

If you have an app that interacts with the outside world, you probably want to make sure that the user is connected before executing any HTTP request!

To accomplish that, we will employ the Connectivity package developed by the Flutter team. from Gaspard Merten

Thanks for reading!

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