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FlutterForce — #Week 44

- Announcing Dart 2.5: Super-charged development

Today we’re announcing the stable release of the Dart 2.5 SDK, which includes technical previews of two major new developer features: ML Complete — code completion powered by machine learning (ML) — and the dart:ffi foreign function interface for calling C code directly from Dart. Dart 2.5 also has improved support for constant expressions. from Michael Thomsen

- Release Notes Flutter 1.9.1

ello and welcome to another stable release of Flutter. So far this year, we’ve been right on target with one stable release each quarter, as per our plan (well, less of a plan and more of a goal, but still, it’s been working out pretty well so far…). This release is our biggest yet, with 1,548 Pull Requests merged from 108 contributors.

- What’s New in Flutter 1.9

Flutter 1.9 is here and ready for all your widget needs with some cool new features! In this release we have more built-in widgets, iOS style updates, support for additional locales, Dart 2.5 with the foreign function interface, and more.

- Hive database is stable (v1.0.0)

Lightweight and blazing fast key-value database written in pure Dart.

- Sneak Peek at the New Syncfusion Flutter Charts

Developed in Dart code from scratch, the Essential UI Widgets for Flutter include beautifully crafted charts such as a line chart, area chart, step line chart, spline chart, bar chart, scatter chart, bubble chart, pie chart, doughnut chart, and radial bar chart.

- Supercharge your Flutter Development — A guide to fluttering in the wild

Welcome to this post in which I’ll try (my best) to give you some advice/help/insight/perspective/techniques/strategies/code-ethics/… for building a Real-World App in Flutter. I hope add some value to your journey with Flutter from Prerak Mann

- Custom Navigator (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 29)

In this episode of the Boring Show, Filip is joined by guest John, from the Dart team, and they implement a custom Navigator together. This means the HackerNews app can have navigation events that only apply for a part of its UI.

- Simple Beginners Guide to Streams | Flutter and Dart Stream Basics

This video covers the most basic functionality around streams. I have a bonus tip in there in streams and a thank you to the community.

- Flutter Stripe Payment Intents Plug-in for SCA 3DS Compliance

Add Stripe to your Flutter Application to Accept Card Payments using Payment Intents and the Latest SCA Compliance 3DS Requirements

- Custom log in screen with Animated Path

This is an example app, used to show flutter animations for clean UI and UX.

Although the desired design was achieved and ran great on an Emulator, older phones will probably struggle to keep this up with 60 fps, since it takes a lot of mathematical computation to make and animate the path. However, the performance can improve with some updates.

- 60 Days of Flutter :Building a Messenger : Day 24–26 : Building a Animated Progress Fab and the Contacts Bloc in Flutter

In the last post we created the UI for the Contacts Page. Today we’ll be creating the UI for adding a new contact and also writing the ContactsBloc to support the business logic for the Contacts Page. from Aditya Gurjar

- Flutter Equatable (Package of the Week)

Use the Equatable Package to easily compare objects in your app.

- AnimatedOpacity (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Want to change how visible a widget is with a nice animation? AnimatedOpacity can help by fading a widget into view or by making it less prominent when something is not selected.

- Flutter news from GDD China: uniting Flutter on web and mobile, and introducing Flutter 1.9

This week is a big one for Flutter! Today, at Google Developer Days, our flagship conference for Chinese developers, we used the keynote to announce our latest stable release: Flutter 1.9. This release is our biggest update yet with more than 1,500 PRs from more than 100 contributors. The new features and updates span a wide range, from support for macOS Catalina and iOS 13 to improved tooling support, as well as new Dart language features and new Material widgets.

- Improving Flutter’s Error Messages

When you write computer programs, it’s inevitable that errors are introduced, even for the most experienced developer. To resolve an error, the first step is often reading the error message that’s displayed in the console. But, research shows that programmers, especially novices, struggle to make sense of error messages, never mind take action on them. from Tao Dong

- Slivers Deep Dive Series: SliverToBoxAdapter, SliverList and SliverFixedExtentList

In the previous part of this blog post series, you have made an intro to the Slivers, how do they work and lastly, you have implemented a SliverAppBar. With this blog post, we will be getting closer to the surface for understanding how other types of Slivers work. from Muhammed Salih Guler

- Accessibility in Flutter

As developers, product owners and project stakeholders, we want to assure that our applications are available and usable to a larger demographic. As a result, there’s a key requirement for any product to maintain a focus on accessibility. This is traditionally thought of as making our applications usable by people with disabilities and special requirements by facilitating the use of auditory and visual support tools, such as screen readers, voice control, high-contrast display settings, enlarged text settings, etc.from Arne Molland

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