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FlutterForce — #Week 46

- FlutterUI — Minimal Designs — Fruit Salad — Speed Code

Minimal Design Fruit Salad with Speed Code

- Flutter Slivers Overview: SliverAppBar, SliverPersistentHeader

This is a introduction to slivers, and shows how to use SliverAppBar and SliverPersistentHeader in detail.

- Isolates and multithreading in Flutter (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 30)

In this episode of the Boring Show, Filip is joined by Andrew. Follow along as they dive into isolates and multithreading in Dart.

- Binding to native code using dart:ffi

Flutter mobile can use the dart:ffi library to call native C APIs. FFI stands for foreign function interface. Other terms for similar functionality include native interface and language bindings.

- How to call a Rust function from Dart using FFI

What a moment to be alive guys ! More seriously … this a huge update, Flutter for Web is no longer in technical preview (no weird imports anymore), and Dart has now support for FFI. Relax, it is not a boring article where I’ll detail every aspects of the changelog. After all it is my first article ever, so I’ll try to explain to you like you were five what is FFI and why do you need to show it some love from Sacha Arbonel

- ListView (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Want a set of items to be viewable in a scrollable list? ListView is as simple as supplying a list of items and can be easily customized to your liking. Try it out and start scrolling now!

- Run Flutter integration tests on real devices with AWS Device Farm and Sylph

Up until now, Codemagic was able to run Flutter Driver tests on Android emulator or iOS simulator. Thanks to an open-source command-line utility called Sylph, we now have out-of-the-box AWS Device Farm integration available on Codemagic so you can easily test your Flutter apps on a vast selection of physical Android and iOS devices as part of the build.

- find_dropdown 0.1.6

Simple and robust FindDropdown with item search feature, making it possible to use an offline item list or filtering URL for easy customization.

- Creating responsive Flutter application using Material Design using a navigation drawer

The navigation drawer is one of the most common ways to provide a user with access to various destinations with an application. As Flutter can now be used to target other platforms like the web, it is important to consider how your application handles responsive design. Successfully doing so enables your application to make more effective use of the amount of real estate available on larger devices. In this post, we’ll see how can achieve this goal.

- Using Firebase in Flutter Web

As with anything in the tech space — take note of the date of this article (September 2019). Landscapes are constantly changing, what is said below may no longer be relevant or there may be easier alternatives.

Using Firebase in Flutter web is fairly straightforward, however, not as simple as it could be. At the time of this writing, there is no universal Flutter library for Dart or universal Firebase package that extends to Android, iOS, and Web (maybe even desktop) when building Flutter applications from Fun with Flutter

- Use Network Images as Marker Icons on Flutter Google Maps

Currently, if you need to use Google Maps on your Flutter app and want to use custom icons for your map markers, you’re limited in terms of options. You can either use an asset or a file as a marker icon and that’s it from https://twitter.com/biklas7

- Implementing BLoC pattern using flutter_bloc

In this blog we will learn how to implement BLoC pattern using flutter_bloc package. It is a design pattern which helps separate the presentation layer from the business logic from Piyush Sinha

- Platform-Aware Widgets in Flutter

Learn how to use both Android and iOS widgets so your app looks like it should on the platform you are running on.

- Flutter Clippers

Flutter is introduced by Google from a few years age, Google bets on Flutter to make fast development apps with expressive and flexible UI and native performance.

As you see, I have highlighted flexible UI because this blog is going be focused on Flutter UI, specifically, How to use Clippers to make the most beautiful designs. from Mustafa Gamal

- Using Themes in Flutter

One great aspects of Flutter is its use of UI packages like the Material and Cupertino design systems. They work to shortcut all of the minute and repetitive design choices like the appBar height or the shadows on buttons. But obviously always using the same default design patterns would quickly lead to a lot of very boring looking apps. We’re going to explore some of the methods for changing the overall look across our apps with Flutter themes.

- Live coding Jack Sparrow’s compass in Flutter

In this video, I walk through implementing Jack Sparrow’s compass for Flutter Europe conference. The result is compass always pointing to the conference venue in Warsaw 🙂

- Dart asynchronous programming: Futures

One of the most basic APIs that Dart has for asynchronous programming is futures — objects of type Future. For the most part, Dart’s futures are very similar to the future or promise APIs found in other languages.

This article discusses the concepts behind Dart futures and tells you how to use the Future API. It also discusses the Flutter FutureBuilder widget, which helps you update a Flutter UI asynchronously, based on the state of a future. from Kathy Walrath

- Introduction to Navigation in Flutter

One of the most fundamental aspects of a mobile app is for the user to be able to move between different pages. Luckily for us, Flutter makes creating routes and moving between screens incredibly easy, especially when compared to many front-end solutions.

Thanks for reading!

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