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FlutterForce — #Week 5

- Hero (Flutter Widget of the Week)

This is my one of the favorite Widget. Hero transitions are a common UI pattern. They let the user know that they changed screens, while keeping the focus of the interaction front and center. Flutter’s Hero widget will automatically create a hero transition between two navigator routes.

- Road to Flutter

He says “ I was thrown into a Flutter project as a junior developer. Here’s how it went.” He explains the feedbacks about Flutter and talks about his way.

- Flutter will change everything, and Apple won’t do anything about it

Andrea Bizzotto compares Flutter and iOS with his perspective.

  • The last 10 years of iPhone history and the Apple ecosystem
  • What makes Flutter more productive
  • A direct Flutter-iOS comparison by example

- Fuchsia Friday: A first look at the Fuchsia SDK

With the significant news this week that the Fuchsia SDK and a Fuchsia “device” are being added to the Android Open Source Project, now seems like a good time to learn more about the Fuchsia SDK. For more details :

- Splitting widgets to methods is a performance antipattern

The article had several tips on how to organize your Flutter UI code for less clutter and more readability. And it’s still a quite popular article. However, there was this one tip there that advocated doing something that turned out to be a not that good thing to do.

- Flutter Tutorial Part 1: Build a Flutter app from scratch

Learn how to start creating a Flutter application, the first part of the flutter tutorial series.

- Flutter Search in ListView

In our daily life, we build may flutter application which has ListView in it. So, Let’s see an example how to implement search functionality within the list:

- Multiple Firebase environments with Flutter

Although, a fast-moving early stage startups and a fully grown company often have totally different speed and structure, there are common software solutions and practices that can be beneficial to project maintainability in both cases. Using multiple environments is one of these solutions.

- Deer

Minimalist Todo Planner app built around the idea of efficiency and clean aesthetic.

- Using SQLite in Flutter

Persisting data is very important for users since it would be inconvenient for them to type their information every time or wait for the network to load the same data again. In situations like this, it would be better to save their data locally. More details :

- Flutter Challenge : 3D Bottom Navigation Bar

This Flutter challenge is based on a Dribbble design by Dannniel which you can view here.

- Magically animate Widgets with ease

Animated Switcher is one of the least known widgets in Flutter. He explains the Animated Switcher with the examples.

- The Fast Way to Write a Flutter App = Rapido

Rapido is an open source libraruy that intends to make cross platform development easy and fun. We do this by taking a document-centric approach to development, and by following Rapid Application Development (RAD) principles whenever possible.

- Google Maps for Flutter, Platform Channels, Mobile Ads, & More — #AskFlutter at Flutter Live

In this #AskFlutter section, Andrew Brogdon and Wm Leler from the Flutter team answer questions from the Flutter community. They discuss topics like Google Maps for Flutter, how to use platform channels, which computers will be best to develop with Flutter, and how to become highly skilled with Flutter. Tune in to hear their answers to great questions!

- Flutter Animation: Ep 3 || Animation Series || Brick Animations

This is the third episode of Flutter AnimatIon Series.

Thanks for reading!

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