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FlutterForce — #Week 52

- Google’s Stadia App is Built Using Flutter

Stadia, Google’s upcoming game streaming service for almost any device including Pixel phones, is less than two weeks away from its official launch. Ahead of the November 19 launch, the Google Stadia app for Android is now available for download in the Google Play Store.

UI Engineering Lead for Google Stadia, John McDole reached out to confirm that the Stadia app is indeed built upon the Flutter SDK. Apparently the Stadia team began working with Flutter more than a year ago when the Stadia app was in the prototype phase.

- Github’s 2019 Octoverse report

Github’s 2019 Octoverse report is out, Flutter is listed as the #2 fastest growing open source projects and Dart the #1 fastest growing language worldwide!

- Announcing Dart 2.6 with dart2native: Compile Dart to self-contained, native executables

Dart already offers an extensive set of compilers for building production-optimized code for mobile devices and the web. These flexible compilers enable our framework partners to target a wide range of form factors: Flutter apps on Android & iOS, Flutter apps on the web & desktop, AngularDart apps on the web, and Google Assistant on embedded devices.

Today we’re announcing dart2native, an extension of our existing compiler set, with the ability to compile Dart programs to self-contained executables containing ahead-of-time-compiled machine code. With dart2native, you can create tools for the command line on macOS, Windows, or Linux using Dart. This feature’s announcement picture was implemented using the feature itself :-) from Michael Thomsen

- How to Automatically Generate App Icons with Flutter

I’ve been working on a Flutter application for the better half of this year, and as we get closer to release, I realized I hadn’t set an app icon yet. I initially went ahead and set my icons with Xcode and Android Studio, but after finding the flutter_launcher_icons plugin — I’ll never need to do this manually again!

- Learn Flutter Clean Architecture & TDD — Full Course (Flutter Tutorial)

Keeping your code clean and tested are the two most important development practices. In Flutter, this is even more true than with other frameworks. On one hand, it’s nice to hack a quick app together, on the other hand, larger projects start falling apart when you mix the business logic everywhere. Even state management patterns like BLoC are not sufficient in themselves to allow for easily extendable codebase.

- Build Your First Flutter Game | Apps From Scratch

Welcome to my Flutter Apps from Scratch tutorial series where you will learn Flutter and create amazing apps using Dart. In this video, we learn how to build a basic Flutter game!

- DashCast is back, again! (The Boring Flutter Development Show, Ep. 33)

In this episode of the Boring Show, Matt and John work on DashCast, a Flutter podcasting app. Watch as they attempt to implement offline playback and experiment with Dart’s HTTP streaming APIs.

- Dart Extension Methods Fundamentals

In a future release, the Dart language is adding a new feature, extension methods, which allows you to (pretend to) add new members to existing types. An extension method can be invoked just like a normal method, o.extensionMethod(42), even though it really is just a static function. from Lasse Reichstein Holst Nielsen

- Animation Basics with Implicit Animations

Welcome to our series on animation building blocks in Flutter with Martin Aguinis. We’re going to introduce you to animations in Flutter and cover how to build both simple and complex animations for your app. You don’t have to be an expert on animations or animation terminology to add animations to your app!

- flutter_hud

A clean and lightweight progress HUD to show a running asynchronous task for Flutter.

- The easiest Responsive Flutter Website | Flutter Web Tutorial — Part 2

In this tutorial we take the already built Flutter Website and make it responsive.

- Android with a side of Flutter, please — Live from Droidcon

Filip Hracek, Google Developer Advocate, speaks at Droidcon Berlin 2019 about how to add a Flutter activity to your app and keep the rest. See some technical underpinnings and the things they unlock for the developer. (This talk was recorded on July 1st, 2019.)

- AlertDialog (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Do you want to alert someone about something or maybe get their input? Does your app have a critical junction where users need to make an important decision? AlertDialog is the widget for you!

- Flutter Design Patterns: 4 — Composite

In the last article, I have analysed the Template Method design pattern. This time I would like to represent the pattern which is pretty simple to understand (comparing to the other design patterns) and is related to the implementation of the Flutter framework itself — the Composite design pattern from Mangirdas Kazlauskas

- Top Open Source Flutter Apps

Flutter framework from Google gains its popularity, and today more and more apps are created using Flutter. The main advantage of Flutter is its cross-platform feature. Your app is available both on the web and on iOS/Android platforms. Besides, Flutter is an open source framework, and any developer may improve its capabilities on GitHub.

Today we will list top open source apps built with Flutter. It may give you some idea of the development of your app based on Flutter using appropriate mobile app development services.

- Distribute Flutter app to Firebase and stores from Codemagic

For last couple of weeks I was configuring a build pipeline for upcoming Flutter Europe conference app. I decided to use Codemagic to see if it’s possible to handle multiple flavors and fastlane builds there. After few discussions with Codemagic support on their Slack and many build minutes I came up with pretty decent configuration. This post will showcase how to prepare your workflow to build Flutter app in multiple flavors and distribute it to Firebase App Distribution or any of the stores.

- Launched an app for Texas Hold’em Poker made of Flutter!

Beautiful Texas Hold’em poker odds calculator made of Flutter.t’s a tool to calculate win rates for each hands or hand ranges up to 10 players.

- Interactive password validation UX in Flutter using Flare

Hello people! This article will tell you how to build a cool and simple password entry animation in Flare and consume it in Flutter! from Waleed Arshad

- Launch Native URL Schemes in Flutter with the url_launcher Plugin

When developing mobile applications, there’s going to be times when you want to interact with apps outside of your own app. This could be something as simple as opening a web page in Safari, to deep-linking into another application with context.

Thanks for reading!

Leave a comment below or tweet me if with any questions/suggestions, or adding resources.




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