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FlutterForce — #Week 53

- Flutter Tutorial: Pros and Cons of popular State Management Approaches

“What State Management solution should I use?” is perhaps the most often asked question in Flutter.

- Flutter Firebase phone authentication tutorial with source code

Flutter Firebase phone authentication tutorial with source code. Learn how to add firebase to a flutter project. Add phone authentication to flutter project.

- Flutter Translate

Flutter Translate is a fully featured localization / internationalization (i18n) library for Flutter.

- Flutter — Instagram UI Concept- Speed Coding

Flutter — Instagram UI Concept- Speed Coding

- Theming in Flutter

Almost every second application in the Google play store or Apple store has a dark mode feature. Not only mobile platforms, many websites, and desktop applications have dark mode feature. Now that iOS13 and Android 10 are released, we should provide dark mode enabled UIs in our applications. Flutter gives us an option to give an app theme in MaterialApp, CupertinoApp. Understand which attribute of ThemeData affects which portion of your application.

- AnimatedCrossFade (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Cross fade is a cinematic term in which one thing gradually fades into another. Wouldn’t it be useful to have something similar, but for Flutter widgets? AnimatedCrossFade to the rescue!

- Creating your own Custom Implicit Animations with TweenAnimationBuilder

In this episode of Flutter in Focus, Emily Fortuna shows how to use TweenAnimationBuilder in Flutter to build a basic animation for your app. Stick around for an overview and several use cases for the widget!

- Beautiful Nike Web Design Concept With Flutter | FUI EP01

This is the new series called FUI where we will build beautiful designs using Flutter.

- Dart growing up: Extension Methods

Many people criticized Dart because it was missing features like Extensions that programmers knew and love from other programming languages like C#, Swift or Kotlin.

This Year at Google IO, the Dart team announced three new features. One of them is Dart Extension Methods.

- 12 Useful libraries to support development using flutter

A library is a collection of subprograms used in software development.

Libraries contain ancillary code and data, which provides standalone program services, allowing for the modular sharing and modification of code and data (taken from Wikipedia). from Lucas Alves

- Why Flutter uses Dart

Watch this video to learn how Flutter uses Dart to enable you to develop an app quickly and deploy it to multiple platforms!

- Beginning Flutter — Understanding the Widget Tree and Element Tree

This video is an introduction to:
— Understanding the Widget Tree and the Element Tree.
— How the Flutter application itself is a widget.
— Elements have a reference to the widget and are responsible for comparing the widget differences.
— When you see the use of BuildContext objects, they are the Element objects.
— There is a third tree called the render tree that is a low-level layout and painting system that inherits from the RenderObject. The RenderObject computes and implements the basic layout and paint protocols.
— We’ll take a look at the Stateless Widget and Element Tree.
— The Stateful Widget and Element Tree.

- Blazingly Fast Flutter Driver Tests

Flutter has two approaches to testing user interfaces — Widget Testing and Flutter Driver Testing.

Widget Testing has more in common with Unit Testing — it does not need to display UI to test it, whereas Flutter Driver is closer to UI (similar to Appium) as it interacts with rendered components. from Tomek Polański

- Flutter Algorithm Visualizer #01 — Binary Search

In this video we go over the Binary Search Algorithm and showcase a visualization tool built in Flutter to better illustrate how the algorithm works.

- Flutter for Web : Building a Portfolio Website

My portfolio website was pending for updates for quite sometime now. Also with Flutter 1.9 web support was also integrated into the main Flutter repository.

So I decided to give it a try. Knowing the fact that its still in Technical Preview, I was expecting some issues and roadblocks but to my surprise everything worked just as well as it did for mobile. Let me walk you through how I did it. from Aditya Gurjar

- Getting Started With Flutter BLoC

I have to admit it. My first experience with Flutter was not great. It was very unstable when I started working with it, and what put me off was the lack of architecture patterns. It was hard for me to easily structure my app, and I have to create custom logic for good communication between components. So I abandoned my Flutter projects and waited for what the time will bring.

- Modular Flutter Apps — Design and Considerations

When working in a big project in native Android Development, we may suffer a lot from long build times and an incoherent code structure. That’s why many projects tend to divide their codebase into multiple modules. This ensures not only that the project is divided into smaller units that can be independently changed but it also reduces build time since each module can be built separately and, if a module has not been changed, when building the app it won’t be rebuilt. Some apps report a decrease of the total build time from 1 minute and 10 seconds to 17 seconds. from Gonçalo Palma

- Flutter Design Patterns: 5 — Strategy

In the last article, I have represented the Composite design pattern. This time, I would like to analyse and implement a design pattern which belongs to the category of behavioural design patterns — Strategy. from Mangirdas Kazlauskas

- HTTP Requests with Flutter

It’s hard to do any sort of development without having to make some form of HTTP request, therefore, we’ll be looking at how to use the http plugin within Flutter.

- Flutter Live Booklet: Flutter component recipes — great resource!

This article contains pointers to code samples for flutter components / widgets.

- Flutter Web + Netlify: Continuous Deployment The Right Way In 2 Minutes

Building a website using Flutter is easy. Automated code change deployments to specific branches should be easy as well.

Netlify makes it a breeze to setup auto publishing of code. A simple build script will make Netlify compatible with your Flutter web project. You can setup your Flutter website for continuous deployments in 5 easy steps (given you have registered an account with Netlify already). from Shahrukh Siddiqui

Thanks for reading!

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