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FlutterForce — #Week 61

- How to Build a Gaming Social Network in Flutter

In this tutorial we are going to build a basic gaming social network using flutter for the app, Node JS for the server and MongoDB for the Database. This is going to be awesome!


- FlutterWeekView

Displays a highly customizable week view (or day view) which is able to display events, to be scrolled, to be zoomed-in & out and a lot more !

Flutter Week View is highly inspired by Android Week View.

- Flutter Widget Guide — StreamBuilder Widget in 5 mins or less

This is Part 15 in the series where I’ll cover all the Flutter widgets that are in this YouTube playlist. I have created my own widget guide which I believe will help people who are new in this space. Please have a look at this GitHub project to explore all the amazing widgets. from Annsh Singh

- A time tracking app built using Flutter, Firebase, and Bloc

A time tracking app build using Flutter

- Flutter Python: Firebase like backend in Flutter using Python!

Create a rest API using Python with MongoDB, then notify changes through WebSocket in a flutter. In this flutter python blog, we will implement Rxdart for making HTTP request Reactive.

In this, we will not deal with model classes in Flutter as I tried to make it as like as the firebase database backend.

- Beautiful Calculator UI / Flutter / Speed Code

- Implement Dark Mode in Flutter using Provider

Hi everyone, In this article, we will be learning how to implement the dark theme in our app using the provider package

As we all now Dark theme is trending and most of the popular app has the feature to turn into the dark mode. from Ashish Rawat

- Flutter PWA Tutorial

- Setting Up CI/CD For Flutter With Codemagic

Building good software and writing code quickly to achieve business goals seems like some dilemma as claimed by some programmers. Developers want to build products faster and also write good software at the same time. With CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery), this is no longer an issue and yes, everyone wins 😊 😊 😊. from Samuel Abada

- Vim as a Flutter IDE

If you are such developers who love vim and use it instead of other IDEs and you are a Flutter developer, you are in the right place. In the continue, it is described how to configure vim to support Dart programming language and Flutter framework.

- Image (Flutter Widget of the Week)

Need your app to display images? Flutter has you covered! Use the Image widget to render an image to the screen, wherever it may come from: assets, network, file system, RAM and more!

- BLoC pattern — Building blocs for Flutter

Whenever you start looking into architectures for Flutter there’s no way around the BLoC pattern, but how does it work and how do we implement it? from Thomas Middel

- Quickblox launches Flutter SDK

Quickblox application includes everything that brings messaging right into your application — chat, video calling, users, push notifications, etc

- Creating a Notes App for Web and Mobile using a local database

Single code base using Flutter and Hive to create a Web and Mobile Notes app with a local database. from Emanuel Luís

- Neumorphic designs (and more) in Flutter

This is a small tutorial on creating Neumorphic interface elements using Flutter. from Ivan Cherepanov

- How to Create Liquid Swipe Animation in Flutter | Liquid Swipe Flutter

Today tutorial, I am going to show you how to create Liquid Swipe Animation in Flutter. liquid Swipe animation is amazing and its Created for iOS Platform and for React Native Platform. this animation Or Liquid Swipe Animation is Inspired by Cuberto.

- Flutter Animation (SplashScreen)

Making an application that has a very little UI is just not sufficient when it comes to bewitching the audience and that’s where the animation comes into focus.
Animation has always been the foundation part of any application. Whether it is in the beginning of the application or when some activity changing. Animation helps developers a lot to gain user attraction.
from Aderoju Olaitan

- How to monetize Flutter apps using Flutter for Web

In 2014, $15 billion dollars was spent on the Apple store alone. That is huge money by anyone’s measure. But new app developers face an issue. How can they convince people to buy their app?

In this article, we’ll look at how we can effectively monetize our Flutter apps using Flutter for Web (that has recently entered beta). To do this, we’ll look at how I monetized an app that I made called Fueltastic.

Thanks for reading!

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